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This gorgeous grand design garden room has glass ‘walls’ to 3 sides for maximum enjoyment of the panoramic view. It also has wood panelling inside means it blends perfectly into its gorgeous setting. It measures 3.5m wide x 2.5m deep x 2.49m high and is a permanent and robust building suitable for year-round use. Our client also needed planning permission which we successfully undertook and achieved for her.

Panoramic garden rooms Swift garden rooms

Here’s what our delighted client had to say about her Swift experience…

My grand design garden room

“The ‘grand design’ that I had in my head was made real, thanks to Swift being attentive to my ideas, the top quality of the materials used, and the expertise of the installers. The garden room not only looks lovely in its own right, but it fits perfectly into the setting. I am very pleased with the process and the result!”

MM – Lancaster

One of the beauties of investing in a garden room is that you are starting with a blank canvas. We can begin working on the elements that are most important to you. Some of our clients are already very sure of the “look” and style that they love. This may have been taken from these very pages that you are looking at right now, or perhaps they have seen one our rooms in a friend’s garden. In this case the garden room design process may be as simple as scaling the building to suit the site, positioning of doors and windows, then smaller details such as the positioning of power sockets.

At the other end of the scale we have clients like the one featured here who have a very specific and individual vision of their room. We will help them with the transfer from thoughts to paper, and from paper to reality.