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In your garden room you can be cool in more ways than one…

Your Swift garden room or extension is not only cool to look at; it can also be cool to use with the popular option of a Climate Control/Air Conditioning Unit, which heats your new space in winter as well as cool it down in summer. Although our buildings are fabulously insulated and keep a comfortable temperature year round, air conditioning can help maintain optimum temperatures needed for work or leisure. There are a wide range of units available and we will work with you to find the most suitable option for your space and needs.

How hot or cold do you want the room to be is certainly something to spend some time considering. Air conditioning is always a popular choice, particularly in our garden gyms.  Do you need warmth for yoga, cool for running and working out?

 Advantages of Choosing Air Conditioning

  • Ultimate comfort and control for all uses
  • Economical air-sourced heat pump for heating in the colder months
  • Quiet and takes up little wall space
  • Outside unit can be floor or wall mounted
  • We use specialists that carefully calculate the correct unit for the room, size, solar heat-gain etc and professionally install
  • Prime makes such as Dakin, Mitsubishi, etc
  • Variable settings for cooling, heating, dehumidifying, all from remote control

Our permanent rooms are built to be used all year round and a flexible air conditioning unit provides the perfect solution for being able to control your own personal temperature – whatever the weather or season.  Sometimes it’s even too hot to open up the bi-fold doors or slide back the curtain doors, when all you want to do is cool down. Swift can put you ahead of the game and ensure you are in control…RESULT!