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Are you considering creating a yoga room?

The beauty of yoga is that it can be practised anywhere. However, if you ask any yogi they will likely tell you of how their mindset and sense of being in the world shifts after entering their favourite yoga studio. Whether it’s the incense sticks, buddha statues, candles or the company of other like-minded people, a beautiful studio can play a central role in creating the serenity associated with yoga.

A Swift yoga room will provide you with an inviting, insulated dedicated practise space. We can help you create your own idyllic ‘vatsu’ at the bottom of your garden.

With this in mind, the designers here at Swift have teamed up with their friends at The Stable Workshop to discuss how you can create a yoga sanctuary in your own home. Here are their suggestions:

4 Simple Steps For Creating Serenity In Your Yoga Room

1. Natural Light and Fresh Air
Yoga is a multi-sensory experience where your sense of smell, sight and sound will be heightened as your body relaxes and becomes more engaged with its natural surroundings. If you’re looking to fully relax within your space, we’d recommend turning off artificial light, opening the windows and allowing natural sunlight brighten your yoga studio.

2. Paint & Wall Coverings
There are no hard and fast rules about what colour you should paint your yoga room interior. This is based on personal preference. Some yogis feel that warm whites and neutral coloured walls are the best for ensuring your tune in with your inner self. Other yogis are keen to explore natural material wall coverings such as wood cladding. This will give an organic and down-to-earth feel. Whatever you choose, ensure the paint or wall coverings are non-distracting and evokes a sense of peace.

3. Greenery, Candles & Incense Sticks
As mentioned, yoga is a multi-sensory experience and therefore appealing to each of your senses is an essential part of creating a serene environment. In order to appeal to each of your sense, be sure to include live plants, candles and incense sticks around your yoga room. You will be surprised at how much scent places a role in creating the perfect meditation atmosphere.

4. Declutter & Accessorise
Although appearing contradictory when paired together, we’d recommend decluttering your space and then accessorising with items which are functional or beautiful. Start by resisting the temptation to ‘clutter’ your yoga room with items that either do not serve a purpose or simply do not set the tone for relaxation.

By removing redundant items, you will instantly remove distractions – giving you more space to move and relax. With regards to accessories, do not over complicate things. Start with a shelf, some cushions and maybe a buddha statue. Try practising yoga for a few weeks in your new room and then consider how your environment is aiding or hindering your meditation.

Why choose Swift for your new yoga studio?

Our experienced team will help you every step of the way in achieving your ideal space. In your design consultation we will ask you questions to help you understand how you want your new room to work for you.

Typical questions we might ask you to will help in deciding the amount of glazing and the location of windows and doors in your yoga room:

Windows and Doors…

  • Which way does the building face? – does lots of sunshine appeal, or a little more shade?
  • Do you require lots of wall space for equipment and / or mirrors?
  • Will the room be used for other uses – general family space, office, etc?
  • Do you want to be able to open the room up to the garden?
  • Door and window options

Another important consideration is – Will your yoga studio need to be adapted to other uses in the future? For instance, if you were to move the new owners may prefer an art studio or children’s room.

The doors and windows have a big impact on the appearance, usage and, sometimes, cost of your garden room. We will help guide you when you have clarified your priorities.

Heating and Cooling…

How hot or cold do you want your yoga room to be?

  • Air conditioning/climate control: Perfect for cooling and for economical heating in the winter. Simple, to use, not too intrusive, though there will be the external unit to position.
  • Underfloor heating: A gentle heat – ideal for a yoga studio. No intrusion of wall or floor space and accurate controls.
  • Opening Windows and doors: If you like fresh air, then this is the answer.
  • Window blinds: To protect against solar gain, blinds can be important. Integrated into the glass or simply attached to window surrounds – we can advise.

Other considerations for your yoga room…

  • Inside/Outside area: Would you like to take your practice outside or have space for an outdoor relaxation area?
  • Toilet/shower facilities
  • Flooring: The type of flooring must make for a safe, hygienic, robust and attractive room
  • Electrics: In addition to the electrics that are included as standard in your new room would you also need a wall mounted TV, sound system, floor sockets for equipment, internet or a security system?

We have multiple installation teams and build throughout the mainland UK.

Your peace of mind and security is important to Swift. We issue a 10 Year insurance backed structural warranty with every building and Deposit Protection allowing you to feel assured that your investment is secure in any event…

Please contact our friendly team to discuss your life-changing space in more detail.