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Is it time to consider door and window options for your planned garden room?

What sets your garden room apart from most other accommodation is the outdoor atmosphere and connection.  The size, configuration,  quality and layout of doors and windows play a very significant part in creating a space that will embrace the setting and give you the greatest pleasure.

Do you have already have a vision of how you want your room to look?

We love to listen to your ideas. We will take your original thoughts or sketches and guide you towards creating your ideal new space…nothing gives us more pleasure than helping you make your vision become a reality.

As part of the Swift design process, one question our designers will always ask you is “What do you want your new space to provide for you?”

Your door and window choices will have a major effect on your rooms overall finished style and ‘feel’, so are an essential initial consideration.

Natural Light

Natural light can make a room feel lighter, brighter and ultimately bigger.
The location of your garden room in relation to the sun, surrounding trees or neighbouring buildings will be assessed at your free site survey. During your survey our designer will try to maximise natural light in the design and position of your building (if that’s what you want of course).

Style and Design

Do you prefer bi-folding, French or sliding doors?

Bi-folding doors will allow you to completely open up the front or back of your room by stacking the doors on the left or the right.

Maybe the continuous flow of your inside/outside space is exactly what you are looking for?
If the uninterrupted views with fewer frames to look at when the doors are closed is more your cup of tea, then large sliding doors will probably work best for you.

Contemporary windows are available in a variety of shapes and styles. Although windows are still used to glance out of to watch the children playing in the garden, the purpose of a window is also shifting from functionality towards playing its part in the overall design of the finished building.

Glazed walls and corners are both striking options for your garden room too. If you have a beautiful view and intend to invest in a room to enjoy it from, glazing is your friend.

A perfect example of a glazed corner can be seen in our photos of this stunning garden room we completed in Llangollen last year, shown below. A combination of large sliding doors meets bi-folding doors at the corner. The ideal place to take in the glorious view….just as our clients had hoped for.

Light From Above

Roof lights are a great opportunity to allow additional natural light into space.  This London office really shows off the benefits of this extra light from above.

Your Building Your Way

Have you considered integral blinds? Solar tinted glass? Frameless doors and windows? With Swift you can. We are one of the few companies that can offer you a completely bespoke approach.

Your building, your way.  Because of this your door and window options for your garden room are vast.

Our aim is to create your room to suit your specific tastes and requirements…and we take pride in our commitment to getting it right.

Listening to what you want and paying attention to detail is how we get it right.

When a Banbury based couple approached us, they simply envisioned a living space tucked into the corner of their beautiful garden – a place they hoped to enjoy relaxing in with a coffee or a book. We did what we do best. We listened and worked together with them to bring to life their ideas. Take a look at their gorgeous garden room below…

The unusual shape and diagonal doors were incorporated into the design as the best way for the clients to get the optimal view of their much-cherished garden. Something the main house could never offer them.

A pronounced overhang along the curved edge provides partial shade during sunny days. Solar powered integrated blinds are an additional help too.

This fabulous new room was completed in under two weeks. As usual, our installation team worked showing consideration and respect to the family home and garden space, minimising disruption as much as possible to everyday family life during the build.

Nothing gives us more satisfaction than to see our clients smile as they step into their finished garden room for the first time. Job done.

Are you ready to share your ideas and discuss your options?

Our smaller buildings start in the region of £20,000. You can find cheaper structures on the market, but do those prices include footings, delivery and installation, as ours do? We will always use the highest quality materials to create for you the best building we can.

Life – changing spaces….that’s the Swift promise.