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Whether you’re thinking about selling or are already preparing your property, there are a variety of ways to update and renovate your house to add essential value. Even if you’re settled within your current home, simple tips can be beneficial to breathe new life into your property.

Upgrading and decorating your house can be crucial to negotiating a more desirable price. With our handy tips, you can successfully enhance your home and add to its overall value.

Once you’re committed to selling your property, ensure that any work that’s completed is carried out by a professional and trusted builder as the building survey could uncover major defects and potentially discourage buyers. One way to discover a reliable builder is by looking online and using services like trustatrader.com

This will help to ensure the work is of high-quality to help negotiate a fair price.

1. Increase Space by Converting the Loft

We’re starting from the top! One way of creating another bathroom or guest room is by building a loft extension. The work isn’t overly invasive as it can be mostly completed from the outside. It could potentially add 20% onto the current value of the property making it a worthy renovation to consider.

Adding value to your home by converting the loft. The loft is usually unused but is full of potential as a functional space within the property. Why waste the space when you can renovate it into something bigger and better? Most houses don’t require planning permission to do this and the results can often lead to beautiful additional bedrooms.

2. Expand with an Extension or Conservatory

Adding an extension or conservatory can be highly beneficial, possibly increasing the value by 12%. Always discuss options with your estate agent and builder before continuing. Poorly thought out conservatories or extensions could decrease the value if not chosen carefully. So keep to the general aesthetic of the property and ensure it’s correctly built.

Another approach which can be fast and effective is to add a modern “Statement – Extension” as seen in the photograph above.

A modern “box-on-the-back”, can provide an aesthetically dramatic addition to a home. Our attached garden rooms are fully insulated (constructed from SIP panels) and up to building regulation standards.

Extensions and conservatories not only increase space but also the amount of light inside the property too. Ensure that it’s modern, attractive and at a desirable temperature for it to be the perfect, homely renovation. This is particularly important to areas like kitchens or dining rooms.

3. Build Down with a Basement Extension

Another way to increase space is by building down. Adding or extending a basement creates extra storage space as long as there are no issues with damp that could deter potential buyers. A basement doesn’t have to be the stereotypical vision of a dark, damp space from a horror film. By experimenting with natural light and modern fixtures, it can be a fun, snug room for the house.

This would most likely be a better option for those looking to sell the property in the near future and not those who are currently living there as the work can be highly invasive and a full structural survey will be required before proceeding.

4. Revamp and Renovate the Kitchen

The heart of the home, the kitchen is an important aspect of family life and improving it can be very beneficial, potentially being a home improvement that could help add up to £40,000 to the overall value. A modern kitchen will seem more attractive to prospective buyers and can be the major aspect that sways their minds towards buying the property.

Ensure the kitchen is clean, modern and a space that buyers can imagine being the social hub of their home. For those with a smaller budget, all is not lost. Painting units, replacing handles, cleaning surfaces and ensuring good-lighting can all be simple ways to spruce up your kitchen and make it more attractive. Anything that creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere is worth trying.

5. Update Your Bathrooms

Another essential room to update, modern bathrooms can greatly increase interest and help add value to your property. Sleek, white suites are easy to decorate and can appear very modern and stylish to potential buyers. Completing tasks like re-grouting, replacing taps and eliminating limescale can be highly effective creating a cleaner atmosphere.

So before selling, get scrubbing! Ensure every bathroom is pristine by removing water-marks and mould for a more hygienic look. Another improvement could be to replace all shower curtains with glass doors to update the room and attract interest. Remember, this should be a room of luxury!

6. Go Green

Think energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Any improvements from solar panels to double glazing can help attract buyers. If you’re looking to improve your own home or even save money, adding wall insulation and condensing boilers can be great ways to cut overall costs. If your home is cheaper to run, it will stand out in the property market. This will allow it to come across as a more desirable purchase.

7. Benefit by Adding a Garden Room

The pièce de résistance of any modern home renovation is the process of adding a garden room. For those with large families, an array of hobbies or buyers just looking for increased floor space, a garden room can be a versatile option to add. An innovative idea like this can greatly increase your property’s value and ensure it stands out in the property market. They don’t disturb the existing structure of the house but are a unique selling point that buyers will remember.

From office spaces to teenage hangouts, garden rooms can be used for a variety of purposes and adds a great amount of space. They’re especially helpful for those who work from home as they separate work and home life without being too invasive.

They are quick to construct, many garden rooms can be built in as little as 2 weeks. Most can also be built under Permitted Development Rights, meaning they do not need the added expense and time spent on gaining planning permission.

By adding a garden room you’re creating a home away from home, making use of the natural light provided to you with a secret haven within the property’s grounds. This added bonus room could increase the property’s current value by up to £35,000 (more if your new building is particularly impressive and is appropriate for your home). Everything often depends on location, property type and other variables, but it can be a worthy investment to make.

8. Fix Any Cosmetic Issues

It’s easy to forget the little things, but simple tasks like adding a lick of fresh paint or adding a few mirrors can have surprising results.

The less there is for the buyer to do, the more attractive the property seems. Think neutral, with white or beige walls that the potential buyer can imagine making their own. Clean the windows, add simple accessories and even sneak in a vase of flowers for a more homely feel.

Odd jobs like fixing door handles, broken lightbulbs and dripping taps can have an effect on the overall value of the property and persuade buyers that it would be a good investment to make. It’s the simple things that help as, sometimes, all you need to do is have a good declutter, especially now where an annual spring clean is in order. The cosmetic problems can often be the most fun to fix and will be the cherry on top when advertising it as a home.

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