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An extra room in your garden that you can escape to… who wouldn’t want one?

An extra room in your garden; perfect for visiting family and friends… what a great idea!

An extra room in your garden you can rent out to paying guest, now this could be a real bonus…

As stunning as your garden room will be, often it is the versatility that is its hidden beauty. What will work as an extra room, extra living space for some weeks of the year could very easily convert into extra space for visiting friends and family other weeks or an income generating room in the garden the remaining weeks (subject to planning conditions being met).

It Just Makes Sense…

With the rise in the demand for home extensions and garden rooms there is a definite trend towards people deciding against moving to a new house and are instead looking at ways to add value and space to their current home. A garden room can be an excellent way to add a highly functional space to your home and value to your property.

With the growing holiday rental market  and the soaring success  of companies such as Airbnb it is no surprise that more and more people are taking advantage of this growth and are seeing the added potential their garden room or annex can have. With the likes of  Airbnb now making it so easy to simply ‘rent out a room’, this is a clever way to add value to your home, whilst using the money earned to pay for your investment. By renting out your garden room, you may be able to cover the cost of your investment with the money you earn, whilst being able to enjoy all the benefits of having your very own garden room when you don’t have paying guests.


By signing up to the governments ‘rent a room scheme’ you are eligible to earn up to £7,500 a year tax free. Of course there are rules and regulations as well as pros and cons of the scheme (some additional information can be found HERE ‘Rent A Room Scheme’ ) which would obviously need to be researched first to see if this works for you.


A Home Away From Home

Situated along the garden path, your garden is the perfect location, providing both you and your guests with the privacy you need, whilst allowing you to be close enough to be on hand should they need any assistance.

If your garden room is a self-contained annex providing a bathroom and kitchenette, your guests will have no need to access your house at all.

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