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The recurring sentiment from our new garden room owners, is that the quantity and quality of time they spend there, very often outweighs the home. The new building becomes a cherished space, full of possibilities, warmth and inspiration. This certainly explains why so many people are opting for a garden room, when they are looking for a new art studio. In fact, we have never been so busy meeting the high demand for studios, home galleries and art rooms.

We love hearing from our clients about the impact that the new space has had on their lives and in their work, fulfilling an important role for the proud and delighted owner.

“Swift stood out as a company who wanted to help me have my ideal garden studio…”

In order to provide you with the ideal room, we want to make sure that it functions perfectly for your chosen activity and be somewhere you can immediately feel comfortable, inspired and content. Your garden studio needs to fit ‘you’, so at Swift we do so much more than just roll out a standard model. We create your room by designing it from scratch. We ask you, what will make it a room that you are proud of and a place where you allow the time you need for yourself?

“Swift are great listeners and will go the extra mile to make sure you get what you want…”

A place where you can fully immerse yourself in your passion, whether it be pastime or professional and always designed with the future in mind, so a use that can easily change as your family requirements do.

Some important garden studio features to consider when you are in the planning stage with us are things such as the main positioning of the room. Where must it be placed in order to allow the optimum view and perfect amount of natural light. Where are the sun rising and setting positions? What trees, bushes or other foliage out of your control, may block views or lighting? There will be similar considerations when deciding on the window/s and door/s configuration.

Very often the two main reasons for the art studio being placed in the garden are, for the inspirational link with nature and also the privacy that a space in the main house may not afford you.

You may not yet given thought to aspects such as internal partitions in order to create new rooms and facilities. A Cloakroom/WC or shower facility or a Kitchenette for well earned breaks between your work. As well as heating/cooling systems, sound-proofing, IT connections and various related communications systems.

Another consideration, and something for any garden room, would be the internal and external finishes. Do you want to suit the surroundings, or would you rather make a bold contrasting statement. The list is only cut short by your imagination.

Our garden art studios are built to be inspiring spaces for whoever uses them. The positive experience of a client enjoying their purpose built garden studios is something we strive for and is the best reflection of Swift quality.

“I love my garden room. It fits perfectly into the space and we use it every day like it has always been part of the house…”

We’d love to make you one of our happy customers! Give us a call today to chat about your needs or if you’d prefer you can complete our project planner here.

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