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The COVID-19 Pandemic is forcing many of us to consider the best way of caring for members of our families; those who are usually more self-contained and independent.  Typically, this may be more elderly parents or grandparents, but can increasingly include younger generations.

As various levels of lock-down and isolation is required right now, particularly for “high health-risk” categories, having a garden living annexe is a massive advantage.  Families can care and provide for one another without risk and with less worry.

We all hope that this unprecedented Coronavirus experience is soon over – yet the advantages of an annexe for some families will remain permanently.  The comfort and practicalities of living close, yet with the amount of separation that you choose to create, is undeniable.

On a financial and practical point, an annexe can add high-value space to your property whilst being less costly and less disruptive than moving house or undertaking conventional extension work.

What is a Garden Living Annexe?


An annexe is a self-contained home in the garden.  It is smaller than the main house and is usually built to provide semi-independent accommodation for members of your family, who feel more secure knowing additional care or support is at hand.

A living annexe is not designed to be sold separately.  It will often share the same access and parking as the main house and is usually in the garden.

Planning Permission and Building Regulations


Any building that is going to be slept in requires planning permission.  The planners will want to be sure that the living annexe occupants rely upon the main house and the new project is not a totally independent and self-sufficient home.  The term “annexe” suggests a connection, and even though detached buildings are certainly allowed, the essence of co-reliance is important.

For all the same, and vital reasons that any home is subject to Building Regulations, an annexe must also be fully compliant.  This ensures the safety, efficiency and longevity of the building and includes such features as means of escape, insulation levels, permanent foundations and structural integrity.

At Swift we will happily look after all of the application and compliance issues for you.

A Sound Investment



Adding any high quality, permanent garden room to your home is now accepted as a bonafide method to increase the size and scope of the accommodation.  An annexe is a big step beyond this, creating even greater versatility and value to your home. An innovative idea like this can greatly increase your property’s value and ensure it stands out in the property market. Your garden living annexe will be a unique selling point that buyers will remember.

According to Churchill Home Insurance:

“Some homeowners are taking advantage of the benefits a garden annexe can offer when trying to sell their homes, with research among estate agents revealing that three and four-bed homes with a garden annexe can command asking prices as much as 27 per cent higher than the average comparable property in the area.”

Simple and Speedy


Your Swift new home in the garden will be built using our robust, permanent SIP method of construction, providing a highly thermally efficient building, that will be cost-effective to run year-round.

Your bespoke annexe is created to meet you and your family member’s needs. Our team of experienced designers work with you to create a home that will optimize that space that you have available, whatever shape and size it is.

Once the design and specification is finished, we can administer the planning process (this usually takes the local planning department around 10 weeks) during which time we can make provisional plans for the installation.  Once we are on-site (usually between 4 and 7 weeks later) the actual installation will typically take 3-4 weeks.  Most of this work is completely independent of your home and will be as non-invasive as possible.

Importantly, we also provide deposit insurance protection to all of our clients, along with a 10-year building warranty.


“My Swift Garden Room has been my permanent home for the past 2.5 years – through two winters and three summers. The Room was designed with my retirement needs in mind and has proved to be the perfect solution. The G Room was built in just 4 weeks, with me and my two greyhounds installed in six. Builders Lee and Steve were amazing. Martin Lawson was the classic ‘can-do’ overseer and the Office staff wonderfully friendly, efficient, and supportive in every aspect of the project. We have remained close friends! ”

MT, Charlwood

Are you ready to discuss your life-changing space? Please feel free to contact our team.  You can do so by completing our online planner, emailing support@Swiftorg.co.uk or requesting a call back.