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An extra room in the garden…

With the ‘summer holidays’ upon us, it is also the proper start of barbeque season for us Brits… could an extra room in the garden be your answer to the big dark cloud of the unpredictable British weather that looms overhead each summer?


One thing is for sure, whatever you think of our British weather, if you don’t like it one day, stay a while as there’s always a good chance it will change!

According to The Met Office, May alone saw a month of interesting weather extremes. Morayshire enjoyed scorching highs of 29.4 degrees, whereas another day in Cumbria it dropped to a frosty -5. Conwy it poured 6.6mm of rain in one day, whilst Cornwall experienced wind gusts of 62 mph!

With such dramatic switches from drought to downpour being characteristic of a typical summer in Blighty, how do we ever manage to barbeque anything?  Just imagine having the ultimate garden party back up plan of your own. An extra room in the garden can add a sleek extension of your outdoor entertainment area providing not only shelter from the elements, but could also house that fridge to keep the beer and wine chilled…

Regardless of the weather cooperating or not, the popularity for barbequing and the desire for an ‘al fresco’ lifestyle is soaring. Britons seem to be in search of a more Mediterranean way of life, with the amounts we are willing to spend on our outdoor spaces rivalling that which we spend inside our homes. As this shift in value becomes more apparent, the ability to offer an attractive outdoor space and outdoor living areas can also significantly affects the desirability of your home within the property market.


The true value of a garden room, however, is found in its versatility. A Swift garden building can rescue a washed-out garden party one day and the next day can easily adapt and become that extra space for your teenagers to hangout or the playroom for your little ones to enjoy.

Imagine, that same garden room could provide a spare room for visiting guests or your own uninterrupted ‘quiet space’. Your personal sanctuary at the end of your garden… the choice is yours.

Why not make a positive change today and start make your garden room plans… everything good begins with a great idea, like rain begins with a single drop!