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Your Garden Cinema Room

A garden cinema room gives you the opportunity to have the totally immersive experience of a fantastic film, whenever you fancy it.

With a well specified cinema room you have the sound and vision experiences of a high quality commercial cinema with all the privacy and comfort of your home.

“Swift have been excellent from the time we first contacted them. The design process was collaborative and we feel we have a beautiful high quality building that not only does what we want it to, but looks and feels great too.”

RK, Farnsfield

This experience is not limited to movies either; imagine watching your favourite sporting events or music shows on a huge screen with surround sound in the comfort of your favourite armchair… Match of the day, Grand Prix, X-Factor, whatever you fancy.
There are two clear elements to creating your perfect cinema room:

The first is the design of the building

Is it to be exclusively for this dedicated use, or do you want a more flexible approach? The size, levels of sound insulation and connectivity must all be considered and included in your specification. Light levels are important so we discuss how to best control this aspect for you.

The installation of your audio and visual systems is the second vital element.

You may simply want a TV mounting on a wall and a free standing surround sound system. Or maybe your preference and budget demands a fully integrated system with concealed screen, projection system and built in speakers and control systems. Either way, we provide an expert and specialised service from our associates whose role it is to provide you with a superb system that matches your dreams.

“It does what it says on the tin!! The team are fantastic and friendly and I couldn’t recommend their service enough.”

TC, Derbyshire

Garden cinema rooms can be installed throughout the UK. We control the whole process and ensure that the building perfectly matches the electronic installations.

Our installation teams and specialist partners are all experienced in providing a top level of service anywhere in mainland Britain.

When your room is required to fulfil other purposes and functions, we discuss this with you to ensure that your enjoyment of the entertainment need not be compromised.

Typically your garden cinema room includes the following features:

  • The size and shape of room to accommodate you, your family and guests in comfort and appreciating the entertainment
  • Window and door configuration to enable high levels of light exclusion and acoustic integrity
  • Acoustic insulation to enable you to block out external interference as well as preventing sound seepage (especially bass boom)
  • Integrated facilities for the installation of the audio-visual equipment and all connections
  • Drinks/refreshment station to store the popcorn!
  • Toilet facility
  • Security system

And remember, the external appearance of your new building is still being designed to suit your taste. Cedar clad to blend into a natural setting, or dramatic colours and finishes to create a particular style and visual impact.

Are you ready to have an informal chat about your needs and hopes? Our Swift team are looking forward to hearing from you and are ready to listen to your needs.