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Your Garden Gym

A garden gym of your very own. A space where you can look after yourself and enjoy exercise.

Swift Garden Rooms are versatile and adaptable, always providing a permanent and appealing space. You can enjoy the advantages of a home gym, giving you the convenience of virtually zero travelling time and total flexibility.

Why Choose a Garden Gym? – A garden gym is the perfect way to gain versatile additional space to your property. Any garden building from Swift has the beauty of flexibility. What could be built for you to use as a gym today, could be a garden office in the future years, or a spare room for the occasional overnight guest.

“The building team worked like clockwork, always arriving on time and leaving the garden tidy.”

AH, London

Your new gym, like any other permanent garden room, should be designed to give you the greatest fulfilment. Its usage does place specific demands on the design, and these should be clearly identified. The size and weight of equipment, the space that is needed for exercises, the temperature, privacy and overall feel of the building are all important factors.
Important Considerations For Your New Gym
Size (Footprint)
As with any new room, you should consider everything that you want to put into your garden gym and all the additional space that you need. We suggest making a list of all the elements that will demand floor-space, such as:

  • Running machine, rower, bike, cross-trainer…
  • Floor exercise and stretch-out area
  • Weight machines, benches and frames
  • Weight and equipment racks
  • Sitting / relaxation zone
Many buildings we design are installed without the need for Planning Permission and must adhere to Permitted Development Rights regulations. This often limits the overall height of the building to 2.5metres, where it is within 2metres of a garden boundary. The internal headroom will be around 2.15 metres (this may vary with different size buildings. This will not usually give enough headroom for a full range of gym and fitness activities. Please consider the activities that you want to be able to perform, for example:

  • Cross trainer (you reach heights significantly above your body height on some models)
  • Free weightlifting
  • Anti-Gravity Yoga

If additional ceiling height is essential, then this may be achieved by locating your garden gym further away from the boundary (if possible and acceptable). Higher structures are permitted which will give greater headroom. Alternatively, we can discuss applying for planning permission for a taller building.

Windows and Doors
Here are questions that will help in deciding the amount of glazing and the location of windows and doors in your garden gym:

  • Which way does the building face? – does lots of sunshine appeal, or a little more shade?
  • Do you require lots of wall space for equipment and / or mirrors?
  • Will the room be used for other uses – general family space, office, etc?
  • Do you want to be able to open the room up to the garden?

Will this room need to be adapted to other uses in the future? For instance, if you were to move to a new house then the new owners may be more excited over an art studio or children’s room. The doors and windows have a big impact on the appearance, usage and, sometimes, cost of your garden gym, so we will help guide you when you have clarified your priorities.

Heating and Cooling
How hot or cold do you want the room to be. Warm for yoga, cool for running, fans for cycling or open air for anytime? Here are the most common features and their pro’s and cons:

  • Air conditioning/climate control: Perfect for cooling and for economical heating in the winter. Simple, to use, not too intrusive, though there will be the external unit to position. This is always a popular choice.
  • Underfloor heating: A gentle heat that suits yoga. No intrusion of wall or floor space and accurate controls. This is not suitable for placing under heavy equipment or thick matting so may not be the best choice for multi-purpose gyms.
  • Opening Windows and doors: If you like fresh air, then this is the answer. The size of openings and the ability to create a through draught is important, even in poor weather.
  • Window blinds: To protect against solar gain, blinds can be important. Integrated into the glass or simply attached to window surrounds – we can advise.
Other Considerations
  • Inside/Outside area: Would you like to take your workout outside or have space for an outdoor relaxation area?
  • Toilet/shower facilities
  • Sauna
  • Flooring: The type of flooring must make for a safe, hygienic, robust and attractive room
  • Electrics: In addition to the electrics that are included as standard in your new room would you also need a wall mounted TV, sound system, floor sockets for equipment, internet or a security system?
  • Take a look at our helpful, short garden gym video above.

Why Choose Swift?

  • All clients are provided with deposit protection and a 10-year structural warranty.
  • All our garden rooms are fully insulated for year-round use, using superior quality SIP panels.
  • All buildings include the highest quality double glazed doors and windows, Aluminium or UPVC.
  • All prices include VAT and include reasonable delivery and full installation

Our friendly team is based in Adlington, in the beautiful Cheshire countryside. We have multiple installation teams and build garden rooms nationwide. Most of our buildings are completed in under 2 weeks.

“I would not hesitate in recommending Swift to anyone looking for a beautiful and bespoke home gym – you will not be disappointed!”

AP, Chelmsford

Are you ready to have an informal chat about your needs and hopes? Whether you intend to make use of your new space as a garden gym or a garden office please take a look at our pricing examples here. Our Swift team are looking forward to hearing from you and are ready to listen to your needs.