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Your Garden Teenager Room

A popular option, because however much room you have in your home, we’re confident that if you have one or more teenagers living with you, you could use some more space!

Not only is it the actual size of another growing person in the house, but also all the gear that they accumulate. As our children grow into young adults they need more physical space for themselves. They also crave a degree of privacy and independence.

A room that is primarily designed for your growing family can be multi-functioning. Allowing your teenage children to enjoy the space they need. Providing them with a safe and controlled environment where you can also have peace of mind.

“The garden room has transformed our home, we live in a typical London terrace with 3 boys and the garden room has given us a large space for them to use for games/TV and general raising havoc! It’s well sound proofed and the finish is excellent!”

KH, Wandsworth

We can help you to invest in a space that has long-term benefits. Your building can lend itself to a variety of uses and can be changed as your family dynamics develop.
A teenager room – What makes it work?
By far the most important quality that this room has to have is appeal. If your family aren’t drawn to use it then it will fail in its objective. We would encourage you to all look at the ‘Wants’ and ‘Needs’ that you all have and we can help you work out the best design and cost.

We will also help you to look at the future value and use of this extra accommodation that you have added to your home. Your new teenager room could eventually evolve into a room for an elderly relative or perhaps a place where you could work from home?

Any space that can provide some privacy and isolation is valuable and we suggest that other features and facilities may be equally attractive…

Benefits of a teenager room in the garden:

  • Flexible space and furnishings for friends
  • TV and Internet connections
  • Working zone with desk and space for study materials
  • Window blinds for privacy
  • Shower room/WC for occasional overnight accommodation
  • Intercom!

Like any other building, we aim to create a new space that will improve your home-life.

A great addition to your home that is also a great investment. And the best thing is that in most cases we can be on-site just a few short weeks from our initial contact.

“One of the many positive aspects of working with Swift was that we were quoted an honest price, with no hidden extras. We got what was agreed in our contract, and paid the sum agreed.”

ST, Kings Lynn

Our installation time is measured in days, not months. Interruption on your day-to-day life will always be kept to a minimum.

Does this idea inspire you? Why not give us a call and our team at Swift will be happy to talk about you own wishes.