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Any home work space needs to be practical, with good storage and room to get your head down and get on with business. A Swift detached Garden Room office makes a perfect place to provide that separation from the home as well as the ideal environment for being productive and focused.


Many of our clients have found that the “home-office” has such appeal that it doubles as a room that serves many other purposes for the rest of the family! It often becomes a place that enjoys the outside feel of your garden yet also provides a secure, warm, controlled and luxurious addition to your home.

Whether you choose to use your new room for computer work, home and life admin, a private study or crafts and projects, the team will help you create a practical space for you to work in and enjoy.

Phyllis Woodfine, a highly qualified therapist in Beckenham, Kent contacted Swift whilst she was renting a room to run her osteopath business. She wanted to have a home work space that would be a more conducive environment in which to offer treatments that would enable her clients to become pain-free and healthy.

We spoke to Phyllis after operating from home for almost a year in her Swift Garden Treatment Room (pictured above) here’s what she has to say about her specific home work space experience so far…

“I can say that working from home has been the best experience for me and my patients – the only downside is due to me not having the time or technical inclination to market myself locally – something I intend to address very soon.  My patients have commented on what a lovely environment it is to be treated in.  With the great aesthetics of the surroundings and the wonderful tranquillity of the studio, it has made the experience for me and my patients so much more pleasing.  The lack of rent payments and increased profits is a definite bonus.  But I think bearing in mind my particular business, the setting does play a big part – the fact I am not in my home but not far from it is a bonus, and also an advantage in that I do feel I am going to work as I walk down to the end of the garden; but as it is so pleasant and tranquil when I get there, I just love it and so do my patients.  I have tried to ensure that the studio is very professional and again that is something that patients do comment on in that they are expecting a glorified shed! But actually when they see it, they are so impressed by the permanence of the studio and how pleasing it all is.  Certainly compared to the basic mall room at the top of a steep flight of stairs which I rented previously, this has been a much better experience and I would highly recommend working from home.”

PW, Beckenham

You can contact Phyllis directly via her website The Garden Studio Osteopath or on Facebook

If you want to know more about working from home in a Swift Garden Room, the choices are endless. Whether you require a treatment room, art studio, music room, or simply an office, you can find more specific information by clicking here.