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There is no denying that creating additional space to a home inspires immense excitement as one imagines the near limitless possibilities. With this, however, some conundrums present themselves. What type of space and where? What affords the best value and where do I find out more?

That’s where we can help! In this post we are going to cover two of the most popular choices when deciding how to extend the home. In most cases, the ultimate goal is to achieve extra space that is safe, comfortable, cost-effective and private.

For many years, the loft conversion has reigned supreme. However, there are some considerable negative implications that can arise from such an addition to the home. A loft conversion is still very much a part of the house. It is also situated above everyone else. In some cases, this expensive conversion may still not yield the additional space one might have hoped for. These conversions can also be awkward to access, with a staircase required, they may not be best suited to the ageing guest. The resulting proportions may not transpire to those originally intended. You could end up with a space that feels cramped and unrewarding.

Understandably, a loft conversion is the go-to option for those who feel they do not have much garden space, but you would be very pleasantly surprised to see just what you can achieve, with careful and proper planning. There is extensively more disruption to a loft conversion than there is during that of a garden room build and loft conversions do typically take longer to complete than a garden room. Some of our garden room builds are achieved in just two weeks.

The core benefits of a garden room are the privacy and the multiple uses that this space can lend itself due to the sheer versatility of the building. It can adapt to the ever-changing needs of the family and/or business. A garden room is so much more than just an additional bedroom and can be enjoyed by the entire family. It can and does feel like a smaller detached house, right next to yours! Can you imagine trying to soundproof a loft conversion?

SIPs - Know your garden room
There is yet another very important consideration when deciding between a loft conversion and a garden room. The amount of value they will add to your house. This is highly dependent on location, styling and the size of your home, but the increase in value can often be substantial. It is difficult to discern and estimate the differences between the values added from each option, but the popularity of the garden room is at an all-time high, especially with the recent shift to working from home.

On a final note, one cannot ignore the green credentials that a garden room brings with it. With sedum roofing being just one of the very eco-friendly options when planning your garden room, it allows sustainable and environmentally friendly practices and materials. It also connects you more to nature, as you are in the garden, all year round, to either enjoy the splendour of warm sunlight filling the living space, or watching the snow fall on your hedgerows and trees, whist snuggled up near the fireplace – in your garden room.