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So apparently, astronomical Autumn begins on 22nd September this year.

Well the leaves are starting to change colour, the nights are drawing in and temperatures are definitely feeling cooler. The cafés and coffee shops are bringing out the obligatory pumpkin-spice flavoured coffee, or in Costa’s case this year – Honeycomb! Hmm, interesting and delicious! It certainly feels like the time to start preparing for Autumn.

Bonfire Night, Halloween and Harvest Festival celebrations will soon take place and in your home, it will probably feel important to make the change from summer. Creating a living space that will make you feel warm and snuggly throughout these next few months and then the even colder Winter months beyond.

If you are looking for ways to get your home organised, there are a great deal of helpful tips online and explanatory Youtube videos that can help, from lasting lawn cutting tips through to intensive house cleaning, even down to making your own Cinnamon & Orange Pot Pourri. There are lots of little things that you can do to get your house in ideal shape and these ideas will certainly be of benefit when the nights get shorter.

Two great tips:

Firstly it’s probably best to do these things on a crisp and sunny day, the rain and gloom are what you’re preparing for, who wants to clean or tidy on those days?!
Secondly you may be more inspired while listening to your favourite music, or perhaps the rousing Autumn concerti from Vivaldi’s Le quattro stagioni

As an outdoor extension of the family home, you may forget that the same rules apply to your granny annexe, or garden room.

Use Autumn as your inspiration and take the seasonal hues of oranges, yellows, reds and even greens you can really transform your space. The addition of some new cushions in these warm colours, just thrown on to the sofa can make all the difference.

As well as cushions, you can add some thick new curtains or a rug in vibrant orange and this will totally transform the room. Throws and blankets always work too, they make a room just look warmer, they can also be used to cover your (stylish in the Summer, but very cold in the Winter) leather sofa. Brrrr!! They are also the perfect snuggle companions for sitting in front of the telly!

Oh and Autumnal smells! The aforementioned Cinnamon & Orange Pot Pourri does sound divine, but if you can’t stretch to making your own, there are bound to be plenty of yummy smelling candles, plug-ins and diffusers available at your local supermarket!

Another fantastic idea is indoor plants! It’s not just a Spring or Summer domain as there many plants that will live indoors and stay green all year round. It would be silly not to utilise the many beautiful succulents and striking leafy greens to their full advantage!

Then, once the work is done, take some ‘you’ time. Snuggle up with a good book and recharge your batteries with a thick creamy hot chocolate. A proper one with the cream and marshmallows.

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