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Multi-generational living makes perfect sense to many

Picture a classic family home. Most likely the image of a couple, probably children and a family pet will spring to mind. This so-called ‘nuclear family’ picture, however, is not quite so typical as it once was.

There has been a steady increase over the past decade of multi-generational households. Homes that consist of more than two generations residing in the same property. In order to create a welcoming home for your loved ones that really works, our team, here at Swift, embrace this change and work closely with you to create the perfect environment.

Why Choose Multi-generational Living?

Multi-generational homes tend to fall into two main categories. The grandparent, parents and children living within one property is the most obvious combination.

Childcare complications and costs can sometimes be the driving factor. More typically the choice is to provide your elderly relative with a more independent option when health issues or loneliness could become a potential problem.

Another significant type of multigenerational living is an adult son or daughter remaining in or returning to their parents’ home ( recently referred to as a ‘Graddy Annexe’ in The Guardian…).

According to the National House Building Council

“There are more 20 to 34 year-olds living with their parents than ever before. In 2017 there were 3.4 million households in the UK where young adults still lived at home. This is an increase of 30%, up from 2.6 million in 2007. Factors including more young adults choosing to stay in education, those returning to their parental home following university, the increased deposits needed to buy a home and high house prices have all resulted in a rise in this household type”

Whatever is the determining force behind the decision towards multi-generational living a Swift garden annexe can be an ideal solution.

7 Benefits of A Garden Living Annexe

Here is a list of what we feel are the 7 of the most immediate benefits of adding a garden living annexe to your garden to provide a year-round home for a relative:

1. The perfect balance between care and independence. Regardless of that family members age (graduate or granny) the sense of security knowing that family is nearby is priceless.

2. Families being brought closer together. Loneliness and social isolation is an overlooked epidemic amongst the elderly.

This cheeky little chappie is thrilled to have his grandpa living at the bottom of the garden.

3. All of our living annexes are bespoke. Your building will be built to suit your needs rather than struggling with adapting an existing space. Your building your way.

4. Your loved ones and their pets do not need to be separated! Man (or woman) can keep his/her best friend.

5. Speed and convenience. Your loved ones new home could be built in as little as three weeks, with minimal disruption to your home and family life.

6. With rising property prices and increasing care home fees, a garden living annexe can be a sound move financially. Investing money back into your own home.

7. With your investment, you will also be adding additional space. Space that will have the flexibility to change with your families needs and circumstance.

Ensuring a secure, caring service is important to us. All of our clients are provided with Deposit Insurance. All of your payments are fully protected under this independent scheme.

Your loved ones completed new home is covered by an insurance backed 10-year structural warranty.

Peace of mind for your investment… a more tranquil night sleep for all your family!