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Swift Garden Annexe

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Welcome to Swift tailor-made Garden Annexes!


As with all of our buildings, our beautiful annexes offer fluid flexibility of living, which takes full advantage of your garden setting, whilst removing any demanding strain on your existing home.

Swift Garden Rooms are all about life-changing spaces and our range of garden annexes give you that and more.

Without any doubt, the events of the last two years has taught us just how precious our family is and how not being able to see each other can be such a painful and unforgiving experience.   Swift Garden Annexes offer you the perfect solution to ensure this can never happen again.


living annexe in landscaped garden setting
happy customers outside their granny annexe

These high-quality buildings take away the heartache of family separation and make life easier for everyone…giving you an amazing opportunity to offer a whole new independent lifestyle to the older members of your family.  The benefits are endless and what a time of life to bring your family together.

It truly is a no-brainer where multi-generational living removes the stress of a segregated family.  Gone is all the anxiety following the phone call that you are needed by parents who live a distance away.   Instead, your parents are just there – down your garden.  Thinking outside the box doesn’t even cover it!  This gift of a multi-generational family lifestyle gives everyone their independence.  Grandparents and grandchildren can get to see each other more, you have babysitters on site and yet nobody has to organise a trip away or be a guest in each other’s homes.


Sometimes families sell their home and return to their parents’ larger home where they move into their childhood home and their parents have their new Garden Annex built in their bigger garden.  Other times, the older parents sell their home and move into their children’s garden.  Either way…its a win-win!

“My Swift Garden Room has been my permanent home for the past 2.5 years – through two winters and three summers. The Room was designed with my retirement needs in mind and has proved to be the perfect solution. The G Room was built in just 4 weeks, with me and my two greyhounds installed in six. Builders Lee and Steve were amazing. Martin Lawson was the classic ‘can-do’ overseer and the Office staff wonderfully friendly, efficient, and supportive in every aspect of the project. We have remained close friends!”

MT, Charlwood