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Creating luxury garden rooms

This is how Swift have built our reputation, and this is the way we are continuing to create luxury garden rooms that are designed to delight our clients.

Poynton - Loynes 1Poynton - Loynes 2

When you need more permanent, high quality space, you can feel secure in your relationship with your Swift designer. You will look forward to an exciting and rewarding process of design and installation. At Swift we place massive importance on listening to what you need. We want to share your excitement in creating your new environment; a place that will be so much more than just “functional”. Natural light, storage and best use of the floor space are often top of the list of our client’s requirements. So we continue to listen and utilise whatever we can to give the best result.

Our team believe that bespoke luxury garden rooms require a focused design approach which actively encourages you to make your new room special. Sometime this can be a dramatically individual building design, sometimes a simple addition that creates an important and valuable element. In this building for example, the depth of internal recess was made to perfectly match the specific shelves that were sought.

Other key features of this project include…

  • Perfect proportions for all the varied uses that the clients were looking forward to
  • Close liaison with landscapers to achieve the perfect setting
  • A high quality climate control system
  • Increased height and still within permitted planning rules
  • Compact W/C and shower room
  • Mini kitchen with wine cooler / fridge

What will make you look at your finished Swift Garden Room and say ‘WOW!’? Customer Care is the umbrella which oversees everything this Swift slick operation aspires to at every stage of our relationship with you. We never make a promise we can’t keep and we pride ourselves in saying no if we think we’re not compatible or unable to give something you may want. Honesty and integrity underpin a reputation we’ve spent a long time building!