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Surely just a glorified shed or summerhouse?

No not at all. With Swift, it is so much more than that.

A Swift garden room is a luxurious building located in the grounds of your property. You can choose to have any number of extra facilities and a number of different rooms within your new space.

First, visualise your new room. What is it you want, have always wanted, in your extra space? Then, imagine this space being built to your precise requirements and all yours in a matter of weeks. We always start by listening. The room is always your creation and with us, nothing is ever ‘off the shelf’’.

A small w/c, or a full bathroom or shower room. A small kitchenette, or a larger scale full kitchen area. A main living or working area and feature walls. A perfect square, or a little perspective, even curved walls. Hidden storage… With an almost endless list, everything will be designed to meet your exact specification. The garden room can be close to the main house or depending on your space and the relevant planning permission, much further away in a little hideaway area of the garden.

A versatile creation, the garden room offers so many different uses and is an ideal, adaptable space for all our clients. For instance, a family with teenagers/young adults at home, perhaps an elderly relative, would be ideally suited to a garden living annexe, or granny annexe as it is more affectionately known. They’ve got the support from the family when needed and their own privacy and independence too.

We are here to help you design the perfect garden room, that suits your budget, the size of your space/garden and most importantly the needs of your family and the people who will be using it. Don’t be afraid to ask for custom features. We want you to have fun with the design process and at Swift we love helping clients achieve their perfect space.

As always there is preparation that needs to be done and things to consider. For example, what are the planning requirements in your area for your property? What will your council allow you to build and at what size? Do existing trees and boundaries allow for enough space? Are there any restrictions on how it can be constructed? How will the building look in its surroundings? It is important to think of access to the room and paths, if there are steps or slopes, will you need to think about some level of landscaping? What do you want your views to be? What natural and artificial light will you need? Large or small windows and doors?

We can assist you in all of this and any others you may have, because we’ve been doing this for a while(!) we may also mention things you’ve not considered yet. At Swift we want to make sure that you are happy with your garden room and have many years of comfort and convenience ahead of you.

We would love to help you with your new space, whatever it is you need. Why not get in touch today?

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