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It is true that all of us, at one time or another, will complain about the lack of space. Of course we love our family, but it’s nice to be able to have time with our other loves! Hobbies, sports, games and other pastimes. Everyone needs their own ‘me’ room in which to spend some ‘me’ time. A place for the kids to go when they need their own space, or parents when they need theirs, together or apart!

An extra family room is a great start, another living room space that can be turned to anything that’s needed.

We’ve compiled a list of some inspirational Swift Rooms, where our clients have gone one stage further. In each case these were purpose built to fulfil one objective and that is, our client’s love of games!

Games Room, Garden games room, Garden rooms
garden games room
Our first garden games room was built to house a magnificent, scaled battle scene model. Swift created the room so that it would connect with the garden and take full advantage of the beautiful setting. With high levels of insulation both sound and thermal, it has a specific design to match future usage and to give a contemporary and discreet appearance. It also features full height windows which add style and create extra light.

One delighted client later, their testimonial says it all…

“…this project has been painless and immensely satisfying. I have no problems recommending this company for anyone interested in this kind of product, large or small, complex or straightforward, they deliver an immensely satisfying building underpinned by quality customer service and the kind of work ethic that I honestly believe is beyond most companies’ abilities.”

WI, Sheffield

Luxury garden room, games room, garden rooms
garden games room, garden rooms Cheshire, Garden studios
This next garden games room is situated in the West Midlands. Our clients, who live in a beautiful home that they have totally redesigned, turned their attention to the grounds and garden. Swift collaborated closely with a local landscape company to design and create this impressive garden studio, adding impact and joy to the family home. This fantastic building is used as a gym and table tennis venue for the whole family and compliments the garden and surrounds beautifully. The versatile nature of the space means that it also serves as a great attribute when entertaining friends, proving to be a valued and important element to a family home and a superb investment.

“Enjoying our space, table tennis with the boys yesterday, workout today!”

DM, Dorridge, West Midlands

Luxury garden room, games room, garden rooms
garden games room, garden rooms Cheshire, Garden studios
Still in production at time of writing, this ambitious project is a Snooker Hall in West Peckham! This project is a well earned indulgence for our client’s retirement. The building, devised by joint effort between the client and our designer, is to house a full size snooker table and bar area. After over 6 weeks of working closely together it’s exciting to watch our team producing this fantastic garden room! We will update you with completed pictures and our clients’ words as we have them!
Interior of teenager room in the garden
Exterior of garden room with horizontal cedar cladding and large sliding doors
Our last build on the list is this impressive hangout room in Teddington, South West London. This place is custom designed to be the perfect teenage hideaway for gaming! It is a flexible space with plenty of storage and all the important TV and Internet connections, which our clients have furnished beautifully.

Any space that can provide some privacy and isolation is valuable and even if you just need a space to regularly watch ‘the match’. Not being part of the main house means that, whether winning or losing, you can be almost as raucous as you like! And if you choose to include sound insulation…

Thinking of your own family room, hobby studio or games room? We would encourage you to look at the ‘Wants’ and ‘Needs’ of the entire family and we can help you work out the best design and cost.

Get in touch today and let Swift provide you with the extra space you need!

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