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What are SIPs? 

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are an innovative, high-performance building system.

SIP systems are used throughout Europe and North America and are regarded by many in the UK as the future of the house building industry.

The panels are formed with a high thermal performance rigid Polyurethane (PUR) core of insulation sandwiched between two outer skins of oriented strand board (OSB/3). The panels provide an extremely durable, strong and energy-efficient building option that easily meets and exceeds the more stringent building regulations now being introduced, and are set to replace traditional construction methods such as timber framing and insulation.

Their many benefits include:

Exceptional Thermal Performance

Your Swift building will be cool in the summer months and warm in the winter.  Once installed by our skilled installers, SIPs deliver unrivalled insulation and airtightness, which reduces energy costs over your building’s lifetime. They are known to be around 50% more energy efficient than traditional timber framing. A SIPs system has minimal thermal bridging and delivers excellent airtightness, which lends itself ideally to Passivhaus and Low Energy building standards.

SIPs - structural Insulated Panels

Design Flexibility
Our designers love the flexibility and freedom our intelligent SIP building system allow when creating your new garden room.  Our panels can be engineered and fabricated to suit a varied design allowing our skilled team and clients the flexibility and creative freedom to develop aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces.  Your building your way!

SIP garden room installation
Multi-purpose garden room with entertaining area
SIP garden room installation
SIP garden room installation

Quick Construction

Simply put, the ease of assembly and speed of construction means, we can build your garden room faster.  Your SIP panels are cut specifically to the design of your building and sent to site ready to assemble, maximizing on-site speed and efficiency.

Bespoke garden room installation

Structural Strength
A SIP structure is up to seven times stronger than a conventional timber frame building. This makes it a popular building method in areas subject to high winds and harsh conditions, such as the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

Excellent Sound Proofing
SIPs have excellent sound absorption properties and are therefore quiet to live in, making them ideal for inner cities or densely populated neighbourhoods.

Environmental Credentials
SIPs are highly energy-efficient and therefore contribute positively to the environment by reducing CO2 levels.  They also use significantly less energy during the manufacturing process compared to traditional construction methods and have lower embodied energy than traditional construction materials, such as steel, concrete and masonry.

As your panels will be machine cut specifically to your design, off-site, this means your garden room will be built with minimal building waste, therefore, less waste to landfill.

Resale Value
The benefits of SIP, such as low running costs and environmental sustainability, are increasingly well recognised.

“It’s great to find a company like Swift that places such a high priority on customer satisfaction. I considered several other garden room companies, but wanted something different from the standard design produced by many; Swift offered a more bespoke product with designs that showed originality and imagination.

The process from concept to completion was excellent: Martin did a great job working with me to produce a design that was within my budget but incorporated the important features I wanted; the construction team were a pleasure to have on site and worked diligently; and the support team ensured everything ran smoothly and to plan… It’s evident that Swift places high importance on its reputation, and rightly so – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

MD, Chute

What’s not to love about SIPs?

Side by side, two garden buildings may ‘appear’ to be very similar, but it is often what you cannot see that can make the real difference…

At Swift, we pride ourselves on creating life-changing spaces that are built to last. Your room will always benefit from our decision to use high-quality materials at every stage throughout the build. We are proud of what we do and we aim to produce buildings that our clients are proud to own.

You can relax with the peace of mind that you will be the owner of a beautiful room that will be comfortable to use year-round and will stand the test of time!.  The key advantages of a SIP structure are very impressive and are definitely worth the higher initial investment that may be needed.