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This is a very good question and one with a multitude of answers.

Garden rooms are typically free-standing dwellings, therefore not attached to the main building or house. This allows so much more potential and versatility as to how you use your garden room, on a daily basis. Separated from the main house and yet close enough to be a part of it, they offer the privacy that you won’t get from the existing rooms in your house.

The most favoured uses for garden rooms are typically home offices, garden gyms and as a separate fully contained living annexe, which is perfect for the multi-generational family. Did you know you can even have a garden room as a sauna?

We have so many customisable options for the fit and finish of your garden room, the possibilities are almost limitless as to what you can create and how you use it.

Here’s a quick list of the top 12 popular uses for our bespoke garden rooms;

garden annexe with cedar cladding

Garden Living Annexe

For the multi-generational family, keeping loved ones close.

Working From Home

Garden Office

The ideal solution to working from home.

Interior of garden gym with office space utilised as a podcast recording studio

Garden Gym

Take your workout to the privacy of your garden.

Interior of garden gym with office space utilised as a podcast recording studio

Family Garden Room

A special place and space for the whole family.

Sound Studio interior

Garden Studio

Hone your creativity and increase your productivity.

Sound Studio interior

Garden Cinema Room

The big cinema experience, but in your garden.

Sound Studio interior

Garden Man Cave

Or the She Shed. It’s your space, just how you like it.

Home treatment room interior

Garden Music Room

You can create the next UK number one in the sound-proofed privacy of your garden.

garden rooms with sauna spa facilities

Garden Pool Spa Room

Add extra luxury and pampering to your home.

Interior of teenager room in the garden

Garden Teenager Room

A special place where they can escape the tedious world of adults!

Home treatment room interior

Garden Treatment Room

Impress your clients with a space that exudes professionalism and personality.

Sound Studio interior

Garden Sound Studio

An enhanced sound isolated specialist area for music professionals.

We have some glorious examples of these throughout the website, many of which can be found here and an important price illustration guide here, to show what your personal garden room choice may cost.

One important consideration is that your garden room does not have to stay the way it is. As personal, family and/or business needs change, so too can your garden room. If your toddlers are now teenagers, and you no longer need to work from home, your garden office can now become the games room or whatever appeases your family. The versatility is always there, it is only a matter of a make-over and some exciting new furniture. Yet another level of fun, as your garden room changes with you.

Ultimately, the possibilities are endless. You can turn this life-changing space into almost anything that your heart desires (however, we don’t think they would make good rocket ships! Although if you would like to make it rocket themed…). You can change the purpose whenever the need arises and relish the core benefits that you can only enjoy from a garden room – the overall privacy, the green credentials of our materials, the versatility and sheer uniqueness of these incredible buildings.

Convinced? Then congratulations on your decision to own a life-changer, you can fill out our building planner here.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

The Swift Team.