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A fun comparison of working in a high-rise state-of-the-art office complex, versus the virtues of a snug and beautifully built garden room on your own property?

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It is well-known within the business sectors that remote working has enjoyed a very buoyant and significant growth phase throughout the past decade. With the increasing availability of robust, super-fast fibre optic broadband, remote digital working is now easier and more accessible than it ever has been.

With the collective considerations now firmly focussed on climate change and environmentally friendly practices, businesses are seeking out the best alternatives to ensuring a greener approach to business and with better overall productivity and health.

It is understandable that businesses, especially those at enterprise level, would prefer and require the ubiquitous office block. In some cases, this would be better suited to the company and to productivity, but this would only apply to a minimal segment of the entire workforce. Many businesses are also discovering that these mammoth investments are no longer justified, especially when considering the additional costs that are involved with office spaces and workforce compliance, such as insurance, electricity, health and safety checks, office refurbishment, furniture, security, amenities and so forth. Who likes those awkward water fountain meetings anyway?

The other significant impact that office working has on our daily lives is the impact to the environment. Notably, through the daily commute. The immense toll this has on our health and our planet is certainly undeniable. With remote working, this would eliminate the vast majority of daily travels to places of work, especially the corporate office. The positive financial impact on businesses is certain and a boon for businesses ready to re-invest, to re-invent and to ensure the good health of our climate and our workforce.

It serves the employee well too. With negating the aforementioned commute, no need to purchase expensive lunches and of course, the luxury of being able to use one’s own bathroom!

garden room interior bathroom
Although many people have a room that can serve as a study or office, garden offices are becoming an increasingly popular choice for our clients. A detached garden office is the ideal solution to working from home. You can create a dedicated workspace that provides both separation from home life, much needed privacy and a very productive, safe environment.

Nothing has brought more of these factors into focus than the unprecedented events we find ourselves in at this time. The disastrous effects the Covid-19 pandemic has wrought on global markets, business finances and our daily lives, has again, highlighted many important factors that were due for an overhaul. The pandemic has quite possibly become the catalyst for some very positive and life-changing adjustments to our lives. The sheer scale of the ramifications and hardships are clear to see. This has already, despite the tremendous negative effects, inspired some very positive and new thinking into how we live our lives. Businesses have already seen the benefits, through having no choice other than to ask their workers to work from home during the lockdown regulations. The office as we know it, will soon be a thing of the past.

More and more of us are settling in to working from home now and lucky enough to be able do so. Through the necessity of current events, it has become the norm for many. Twitter’s chief executive officer Jack Dorsey, announced recently that its employees would be allowed to work from home ‘forever’.(*article from Guardian)

The myriad benefits of having your very own working space are quite obvious, when making such comparisons. The climate benefits, the health benefits, the financial benefits. Plus, that gloriously cosy feeling of opening up your email client whilst the rain gently patters away on your brand-new garden office rooftop and windows. Perhaps even a quick wave to your neighbour as he dashes to his car, ready to encounter miles of traffic. Lovely!

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