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A SIP home extension – is the idea worth your consideration?

Firstly, you need to question is an extension right for you or should you just move?

“Housing Market set to be the worst for 20 Years” – so say the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors this month. Low numbers of house sales and falling prices (in most regions) make for a bleak outlook for those thinking about moving house.

“Shall I move?” or “Shall I Extend?” – the latter option is looking more attractive.

And who doesn’t need a little more space in their life, for such a variety of reasons?…

  • A new light and airy living room that connects with the garden
  • A newly combined kitchen/family/dining room for great family life
  • A home office or hobbies room – maybe freeing up a bedroom
  • An extra utility room
  • A downstairs bathroom or cloakroom
  • An attached living annex for a relative
  • Part of a complete improvement/makeover of the house layout

5 Reasons A Home Extension May Be The Superior Option To Moving House

  1. Avoid professional fees of many thousands of pounds to estate agents and conveyance’s
  2. Avoid the uncertainty of the stressful and challenging process
  3. Speed – from start to finish, a Swift Home extension could be completed in much less time than a house-move
  4. Avoid the upheaval of the actual moving process – sorting, packing, storage, etc
  5. Retain your social infrastructure – schools, neighbours , doctors, etc.

A SIP Extension Can Transform Your Home In As Little As 2 Weeks!

What makes a Swift Home Extension Different?

Firstly, here at Swift, we use systems and materials that we have been successfully using for the past 10 years in our garden rooms. Instead of the traditional bricks and mortar construction method, we use SIPs (Structurally Insulated Panels). To read more about SIPs CLICK HERE

One of the biggest dreads associated with a home extension has to be the disruption. Talk to anyone who is the muddy middle ground of an extension turmoil and they are very likely to say something along the lines of “I’m starting to wish we hadn’t bothered” or “I don’t know how much more I can take”…

During a traditional build extension your home and garden is really going to be turned into a work site for a gruelling 3 month period. It’s enough to sway even the most patient of us over to the ‘move’ camp.

With a Swift SIP home extension, however, our team can have your new space complete in as little as 2 weeks… without a doubt the fastest way of adding more space to your home.

3 Main Benefits of a SIP Extension

  1. Speed. The SIP system of construction allows most of your extensions structure to be manufactured off-site in clean, dry factory conditions. When the appropriate groundwork has been done our pre-designed SIP kits are delivered to site and our installers can often have the ‘box’ constructed in 1 or 2 days.
  2. Cost. Although a SIP extension is unlikely to be the cheaper alternative to a traditional build extension, long term there are savings to be made. The airtight quality and superior insulating properties of a SIP construction help to tick all the right boxes in terms of keeping the cold out and the warmth in. Result – savings!
  3. Design Freedom. The versatility of SIPs allows our designers to be more ambitious in their designs and interpretations of your ideas. Wide doorways, large skylights, stylish overhanging roof lines… they are all possible.

So, perhaps the question should be – why not a SIP home extension?!

Complete our PROJECT PLANNER or call us on 01625 875588 to take your quest for more space to the next stage.