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Working From Home – A New Experience



We are all being thrust into unsettling and rapidly changing ways that we must live our lives.  The outbreak of the Coronavirus (Covid 19) is leaving none of us untouched and is flinging us into new challenges and experiences.

Many of these experiences are very demanding, or downright awful.  As a close-knit and caring team, we at Swift are doing the best we can to contain the spread of this virus.  So, like many others we are now all getting used to working from home, and have ceased work on sites.

They say that every cloud has a silver lining, so we’d like to look at some of the benefits that are being felt by the new army of home-workers.  We’d also love to hear what impact home-working is having on you?

We have been shouting about the benefits of working from home for some time.  Take a look at our blog…An insulated garden office with a 20 second commute.

We want to share this positivity with you and encourage you to try and to look forward to a better lifestyle when we emerge from this epidemic.


A Permanent Shift in Work Culture


The current restrictions must lead to a nation cutting back on pollution and food waste.  Our grandparents who lived through the war never wasted food again!  We will see our children excited to go back to schools and developing new hobbies and interests – beyond the school curriculum. We will resume and relish the freedoms we used to take for granted.

The working from home adaptation can bring about seismic changes.  If an employee can be as productive, or probably more so, when working from home (having not endured the early start and exhausting commute – maybe having breakfast with the kids instead) – then why pay for massive city-center office blocks?  Maybe daily conference calls and monthly meetings are a better, and more efficient use of time and resources?

This worldwide crisis will see a permanent shift in work culture in the near future – companies not just being more receptive to the concept, but actually encouraging remote working because of the positive impact it will have in many ways. Most importantly, the benefits  environmentally and potentially an individual’s well-being.

Reducing your carbon footprint and eliminating the time and money spent on your daily commute, giving you more quality time for you to enjoying the rest of your life!

Swift garden offices provide the ideal professional environment. A converted room in the house can be less than ideal. Can it be a totally dedicated space, somewhere that you could hold a meeting with a client or colleague?


At Swift we will focus on working with you to create a bespoke insulated garden office, free from distractions. A work space that works for you, just as we always have done.

Our online project planner encourages you to look deeply at the space you desire. You can begin think about how you would use the room. Here are a few popular features to consider:


  • A kitchenette or somewhere to brew a cup of tea
  • Storage and filing space – how will you organise important paperwork and documents?
  • Desk and seating areas
  • W/c and shower room
  • Temperature control
  • Internet/telephone services
  • Security

“Who could have guessed what a brilliant decision it was in terms of timing, to build our garden office! I’m very happily based there, which ensures we are not all on top of each other in the main house…Absolutely love it, and we’ve added quite a few extras, both inside and out, so it really is a second home. Best decision we ever made!”.

SL London

Unfortunately we cannot wave our magic wand and make this all go away or have a garden office ready for you to work in tomorrow, but you can plan for your future.  During these worrying times let’s try to focus on the good. 

Spring is here…let us plant the seed and watch it grow.