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What inspires you?

Swift Design

Garden room design is the process of creating the building that you aspire to own.

This process takes your ideas and inspirations and combines them with functionality, structural integrity and budget.

What do you want your new space to provide for you?
Swift create buildings for you that have the size, specification and style that suit your needs. One of the beauties of investing in a garden room is that you are starting with a blank canvas. We can begin working on the elements that are most important to you.

“It was exciting and rewarding to be able to interact with Martin in the design of the building.”

DW, Cheshire

Some of our clients are already very sure of the “look” and style that they love. This may have been taken from these very pages that you are looking at right now, or perhaps they have seen one of our rooms in a friend’s garden. In this case, the garden room design process may be as simple as scaling the building to suit the site, positioning of doors and windows, then smaller details such as the positioning of power sockets.

At the other end of the scale we have clients who have a very specific and individual vision of their room and we will help them with the transfer from thoughts to paper, and from paper to reality.

Then there are clients who wish to commission something completely different and bespoke… a building that will never be repeated; one which will demonstrate their own individuality and tastes. We have designers and architects that understand the process of one-off designs as well as the flexibility and potential of the SIP panel system of building that we employ.

What are the limits of individuality?

  • What facilities do you need?
  • What features would you like?
  • Should the building softly melt into the existing setting or create a splash and a spectacle?
  • What budget do you have available?

Looking at photographs of our other buildings in our Case Studies and Gallery pages will show you examples of the styles and designs that have been favoured by existing clients. We can also send you a selection of photographs of architectural features and styles that have been collected from other buildings… a great way to test your reaction to new and innovative ideas. Do you like a traditional wooden barn finish that matches the styles in your part of Britain, or does an Art-Deco influence excite you? Maybe ultra-modern Cubism or a camouflaged eco structure?

“I think the aim of designing a garden room which enhances our period cottage has definitely been achieved”

SP, Greater Manchester

When we know your preferences and aspirations we will discuss the best way forward for your project. The design stage may be quite straightforward and rapid, or we may agree to devote the services of one of our associate architects or designers to work with you for a totally bespoke and original concept. We will confirm any costs and commitments between us that will enable us to move forward towards your dream building.

Bespoke garden room, multipurpose
Garden room design – where do we start? Ideas to inspire…

Let us try and push those limits if that is what excites you! We will always ensure that the building is structurally sound and that the combinations of materials will be durable and work well together.

“Martin was very professional and responsive from day 1. He came to see the site and worked closely with me and my husband to finalise the design. He was very patient with my ever-changing requirements and would give us prompt updates of the design.”

DM, Cambridge

  • External rendering or cladding materials that make a statement such as slate, stone, powder-coated steel, “green” vegetation walls, glazed tiles, coloured glass, mosaic, etc.
  • Special glazing features: Pillar-less doors which open the whole corner of your garden room; Over-sized panorama windows and glazed curtain walls; Expansive roof lights; specially commissioned Glass Art; dramatic blind systems, etc.
  • Increased connectivity between the garden and your room with integrated canopies and pergolas which can include outside kitchens or BBQ areas, drinks bar and entertaining area. Let the garden room design flow between the inside and out with the smooth transition of matching flooring and patio areas, wall materials and lighting effects.
Our Swift Project Planner is a great place to start. In it we offer questions that will enable you to examine what it is that you want and what it is that you need.