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Garden Room Extensions

Swift are working to re-introduce the option of attaching your Garden Room to your home. This is for clients who value a simple, fast and beautifully efficient way of adding more space. Swift are thrilled to announce that we are designing a new range of extensions that will add a highly insulated, stylish room to your home with the minimum of time and effort.
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Swift Garden Room Extensions provide you with one of the fastest and most satisfying ways of adding more space to your home. This exciting modern approach gives you a permanent addition to your living space that allows you to enjoy the benefits of excellent levels of air-tightness and insulation.

This makes your new space comfortable, practical and economical. Our design expertise and bespoke approach enable you to have an eye-catching addition to your home.

If this is already sounding like your ideal solution for more space, you can phone us on 01625 875588 or send us a message about your particular needs. If you would like to provide us with some more detailed information (and maybe plans or photos if you have them) then please click below to access our project planner.

We will be back in touch to have an informal chat about your project within a couple of days.

Recent extensions we’ve completed:

Swift Garden Room Extensions use many of the same processes and materials that we’ve successfully developed over ten years designing and installing our Swift Garden Rooms – “detached” extensions.

This major extension (below) to a detached bungalow provided an additional 80 square meters of luxurious living and sleeping accommodation. The white-render and cedar-clad finish produce a completely new and refreshing appearance to a 1970’s property.

Here are some of the main features:

  • SIP panel construction
  • EPDM roofing
  • Large triple glazed roof lantern
  • Bifold doors in grey
Due to the quality, speed and efficiency of our system, more people are now coming to Swift requesting that we build their new accommodation as a home extension.

The extension on the right was completed in approximately 2 weeks. It was carefully designed to complement the garden room that Swift had built the previous year.

Originally a conservatory was planned, but this far-superior structure provides a beautiful room that can be used the whole year round. It doesn’t matter whether it is freezing, or sunny outside… or both!

This room features:

  • Large, plain roof-light in grey to match the doors and windows
  • External cedar cladding with pillars between the full height windows and door
  • Opening windows for ventilation
Simplicity and style are the keys to this third example. Lots of natural light to make this a room that really connects with the garden. Unlike a conservatory, it is a comfortable place to sit throughout the seasons.

Planning permission was gained for this appealingly modern structure that sits so well against a more traditional house. It is used every day and has transformed the enjoyment of this lovely home.

It was one of our fastest installations, taking just 7 working days – including the flooring being laid and the internal walls painted white!

How are they built?

Design Process
We often work with architects and designers who have been appointed. We can also provide bespoke designs ourselves. What we will always promise is a straightforward and honest approach. We know our strengths and we know how these can serve you the best. Our business strategy and our values determine that the greatest advantage can be in the installation of straightforward extensions… the extra room attached to the existing property. The speed and predictability of this kind of project give you very clear benefits in terms of efficiency and ease.

If your project demands complex alterations to the existing fabric of the house, then this will probably not fall within our remit. However, we may be able to work with other parties to provide the main fabric of your new space. Other contractors can concentrate upon items such as major preparations, knock-throughs kitchen re-fits, etc.

Planning Permission

Some home extensions can be undertaken without full planning approval – this is the case if they fall within Permitted Development Rights (PDR). You can find out more by visiting the Official Planning Portal (just click here).

There are some important PDR conditions, especially concerning the dimensions and the external materials. Once again, we are here to guide you and advise you. We are able to provide a full planning consultation service and so the process can be simplified for you. Where a planning application is made on your behalf we usually expect a decision within a couple of months and, when successful, we can immediately start work on creating your new space.

What to do now?
Please get in touch and then we can chat about your project and learn about the elements that are most important to you.

Perhaps we can add some inspiration that will excite you and make your investment all the more special. Call us on 01625 875588 or send us an email via our contact page.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The SIP system of construction allows most of your new rooms structure to be manufactured off-site in clean, dry factory conditions. This means that you can see your new home extension room completed in days – not months! What is a SIP? The acronym stands for Structural Insulated Panel. The panels that we use are British-built and adhere to the highest standards, including BBA certification. This means that you can relax, knowing that the quality is approved, tested and monitored. This translates into a building that is structurally strong and accurately installed.

By using these panels we can have most of the work carried out in a dedicated factory where nothing will get in the way of the perfectly designed and aligned panels being prepared for your new room. When they are delivered to site they can be erected in impressively short time-scales. Sometimes a compact room can be completed in a single day.

Footings and foundations
These can vary – depending upon the site conditions and the possible proximity of drains, trees, etc. We try to keep things as predictable as we can, so have a number of options to suit your particular project.

These can include the following:

  • Concrete footings and insulated concrete floor
  • Reinforced concrete raft
  • Concrete pads supporting a ring beam with integrated SIP panels
  • Building Regulation approved Helical Screw Piles
Part of the style and panache of your new Garden Room Extension will be due to a stylish, contemporary flat roof. Maybe this will incorporate a roof lantern or glazed sections to let natural light flood into this new section of your home. Your flat roof will have a small gradient designed into the structure to guide rain away from the house and into the guttering. As a rule, we use Firestone EPDM, a one-piece membrane that is installed to manufacturers standards and the material is warranted for 20 years. This has been on test for over 50 years and is still going strong! An option with relatively flat roofs is to have a sedum living roof to provide colour and variety through the year.
External Finish
Now for the interesting part! SIP’s provide such excellent strength and insulation that their relatively slim profile ticks all those boxes. This leaves us with the opportunity to create a stunning extension that can make a real statement (if that is what you choose!). Examples of the finishes that you can choose from include:

  • Cedar cladding
  • Alternative timber finishes
  • Render (in various colours)
  • Coloured fascia panels
  • Powder coated aluminium or steel
  • Composite painted wood-effect cladding
  • Porcelain Tiles
  • Green “living” walls

As you can tell… the choices are almost endless.