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Swift Garden Room Prices

This is everything you want and need from your new Life-Changing Space.

Swift Garden Rooms

The reason that people keep coming back to Swift and recommending our service, is our dedication to producing a building that makes you feel special.

Our bespoke garden rooms are specified to very high standards; plus, as always, you will benefit from a caring, friendly and experienced team of people who love what they do.

We attentively listen to your ideas and work with you to create your exacting design… and some!

Your Choice – Your Life-Changing Space.

Example Prices of our Garden Rooms including VAT.

Excluding options such as kitchens, bathrooms, heating, etc.


Example 1



Plus Options

3.0m x 2.5m


A compact and efficient room that is designed to hit an affordable price point.

Bespoke features/options add to costs.

Example 2



Plus Options

4.0m x 2.8m


Stylishly modern, clean lines, large sliding doors – a perfect extra room.

Bespoke features/options add to costs.

Example 3



Plus Options

5.0m x 3.0m


Combined render and cedar plus eye-catching recesses and seamless entry levels.

Bespoke features/options add to costs.

Example 4



Plus Options

6.0m x 3.0m


Dark grey composite cladding plus extra-wide sliding doors make a real statement.

Bespoke features/options add to costs.


Example 5



Plus Options

5.0m x 4.0m


Spacious and bright with bi-folds plus full height glazing. A family room enjoyed all year.

 Bespoke features/options add to costs.


Example 6



Plus Options

8.0m x 3.5m


Striking dark grey cladding and minimalist lines – Leisure and fitness space for the family.

Bespoke features/options add to costs.


Example 7



Plus Options

6.0m x 5.2m


Extra height gym with twin bi-folds and solid styling – plus shower room option.

Bespoke features/options add to costs.


Example 8



Plus Options

10.0m x 4.5m


A commercial meeting room – individually designed and very successful.

Bespoke features/options add to costs.


Example 9



Plus Options

8.0m x 6.0m


An individual suite of rooms plus full kitchen, shower and bespoke fitness/workshop.

Bespoke features/options add to costs.


Example 10



Plus Options

12.0m x 4.0m


An impressive ‘Unlimited’ design with kitchen, shower, air-con & overhang over the extensive deck.

Bespoke features/options add to costs.


Example 11



Plus Options

14.5m x 4.5m


A huge, detached multi-room, multi-function studio adding valued family space.

Bespoke features/options add to costs.


How would you like your new Life-Changing Space to look and perform for you?
Your Garden Room will be designed and prepared by detailed professionals and then efficiently installed by one of our team of expert craftsmen. Most of the elements are specifically manufactured for your building, so we are not tied to “standard” sizes or configurations. Your satisfaction is our goal.

The specification can include (and please remember that, according to your budget and preferences, many of these can be adjusted accordingly):

  • Fully insulated, top standard BBA certified SIP construction – robust and permanent
  • Powder-coated, aluminium-framed doors in anthracite grey finish and with thermally efficient double glazing (or UPVC for economy)
  • Western red cedar cladding to front and side external walls (other options are available) plus attractive grey finish, low maintenance board-cladding to the other elevations
  • Fantastic Collingwood dimmable recessed spotlights with a 7-year warranty
  • Matching external lights or wall mounted equivalent
  • Plastered and decorated interior, skirting boards and Quickstep flooring as standard (internal paneling options too)
  • EPDM roof with a 20-year warranty (only available when fitted by certified installers – like ours!)
  • Footings bespoke to your site (subject to survey and conditions)
  • Power connection (10m included as standard)
  • Deposit protection and an insurance-backed 10-year structural warranty

Popular customization of this range includes:

  • Adding an extended roof overhang, including recessed downlighting
  • Adding a buttress to one or both sides
  • Adding more windows, maybe a full-height feature
  • Upgrading to bifold or wide-leaf sliding doors
  • Changing the materials used on the wall cladding

Please remember, we are here to help you enjoy the best possible building for your investment.

For friendly, personal advice please contact our helpful team. You can email us, complete our Project Planner
or download our brochure here.

Garden Room Options and Upgrades

We do not want to limit the design of your building to a prescriptive and restrictive “Pick & Mix” method. We combine and refine your ideas into a single, cohesive package. When completed, the final design and specification is accurately priced and is ready for your approval. The cost of these choices does vary according to the context and combination of elements of the whole project. We want to provide you with the best value and will confirm all costs, in writing, before you confirm your order for your new space.

  • As always these figures include VAT.
  • Some of these costs are per square metre – we will confirm the exact cost for your building during the design process.
  • Some items are subject to survey and expert evaluation so we are giving you typical costs.
  • These are just some examples… we are able to incorporate many other elements and features into your building and we will provide an accurate costing for every element.

For further information, please see our more comprehensive list of options available for your Garden Room on the right.

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