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What about the environment?

Swift Eco

The eco-impact that we all have upon the environment is taken very seriously by Swift. Small eco changes made by us in the production and installation systems, together with the design and use of certain materials makes a big difference.

Our policy is to examine what we do, what we use and how we move it around the country so that we can make sensible decisions that prevent excess waste, pollution and detrimental side effects.

Some of the environmentally friendly eco measures that we take at Swift:
Any measures that we take remain focused upon providing you with the best design and installation service. We provide options for you to consider and always try to accommodate your wishes. We offer you excellent value for money as well as a responsible route to providing the extra space that you’re seeking.
Minimising waste

The building industry is notorious for the waste that it produces. At Swift we operate a strict and effective production system that cuts down on wasted materials. The pre-fabrication of your building in factory conditions enables us to carefully manage the most efficient use of timbers and this, in turn, gives you better value for money. When the elements arrive at your home for installation you can notice that there are minimal off-cuts and no excessive ordering. This cuts down on skips and returns which would all produce more vehicle movements.

Timber is all sourced from FSC certified suppliers
The Forest Stewardship Council play a leading role in the promotion of responsible management of forests worldwide. The timber bearing their logo comes from sources that manage the forest to enable regeneration and replacement. Parts of the forest will be reserved for wildlife.
Fantastic levels of insulation
This means that you will have minimal heating costs through the colder seasons, and still have a warm and cosy garden room. The SIP panels we use, plus the excellent double glazing and almost air-tight construction make for stunning heat retention characteristics. When heating is required you may choose to invest in an air-sourced heat pump system which is one of the most efficient ways to produce warmth.

“As a physicist and Materials Scientist, I readily appreciated the advanced construction materials that offer considerable structural strength and excellent thermal insulation.”

Prof WW, Cheshire

We also ‘eco watch’ by:
Cutting down on transportation

This applies to all movements of materials and our team around the country. First, we establish what you’re seeking and what Swift can offer you, is a good match. Then, after some initial discussion and investigations, we come and visit you. We strongly believe in meeting face-to-face and carrying out a personal site survey – after all, you’re investing many thousands of pounds and deserve a service commensurate with your commitment. However, we plan our appointments carefully and use economical vehicles to minimise the carbon footprint of these visits. Our deliveries are honed down to a minimum and our installers often stay overnight close to your home to make the most efficient use of their travelling time and resources.

Low impact footings

The integrity and longevity of your building will always take priority, and there are ways that we can use environmentally friendly systems to give your building the solid foundations that it requires. Traditional concrete slabs and strip foundations are very invasive and leave a “heavy” carbon footprint. Whenever possible, we recommend customised pad foundations or recycled Jackpads.

“We wanted a structure that was aesthetically attractive, light and airy, insect-proof, warm in winter but economical on heating and lighting – and got it!”

DW, Altrincham

And, we take into account:
We are always willing to incorporate specific eco features that you may have a preference for and meet with your own views and commitment to environmental sustenance.

As always – when you talk – we listen.

Keeping your garden green

We work closely with landscape designers and tree surgeons so that you retain as much (or even more) greenery in your garden as possible. Careful work around trees and imaginative planting create a new room that integrates into the garden rather than decimate part of it. Swift Tree Services are an independent extension of our group of companies and are able to give us first hand expert advice and eco practical help.

If you are creating a new roof, then you can easily collect the water for recycling. What about a water butt, or even a grey water recycling system to supply a toilet?
Sedum Roofs
These look fantastic and also help to keep the balance of greenery in your garden. They add insulation to your roof and provide an additional garden feature that is easily maintained and welcomed by wildlife.