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About Us

Our Core Values

TRUST We are honest and open in all our dealings and build strong relationships with our clients, our staff, our contractors and anyone else we deal with.

EMPOWERMENT We work hard to empower our staff and our clients to make the right decisions and choices.

PRIDE We are proud of what we do and we aim to produce buildings that our clients are proud to own.

FUN We enjoy what we do and help our staff and clients to have fun too.


Why..? Because our greatest success is measured by having clients who are delighted with their new building and the service they’ve experienced. That’s our aim and that’s what shapes the way our company operates: Customer satisfaction. We work with people who need more space and are discerning about how they get it.

“Out of all the companies out there doing what you do, we thought you had the best website in terms of showcasing the projects you’ve done; we liked the amount of information contained on your website and the brochures/guides that can be downloaded etc. We think you’ve got this just right and you seem like a very friendly and professional team!”

CH, Oxford

Included in our team are experienced technical designers, technical engineers, skilled installers and precise craftsmen, time-served factory based fabricators and a whole host of carefully selected professionals who are able to add real panache and ‘WOW’ to your personal project.

  • What are the key qualities that you demand from your building?
  • What are the elements that will make it special?
  • What are the things that you want to avoid?
  • What kind of service genuinely makes you smile spontaneously and feel good about your decision?
  • What are the things that you’re looking forward to in the whole process of creating your extra space?

When you’ve answered these questions, we are confident that you’ll immediately appreciate just how effectively Swift operate in a way that will match, and even exceed your expectations.

“Very good, hardworking installers. The finished product looks and is brilliant. Thanks to Martin and the Team!”

MS, Lancashire

What are the nuts and bolts which form the core of our Swift business?

  • We are a family business that enjoys its purpose… And we enjoy it because we love delivering a service and a product that thoroughly delights our client…you.
  • We believe in strong, genuine relationships that enable us to really understand what you need from us.
  • We believe in being and using the best… the best people, the best materials and the best resources to give you your best building.
  • We believe in what we do and apply ourselves to ensure continuous development and improvement. That way you know you’re getting the best we can offer… and we know that makes it very good indeed.
  • We believe in getting the perfect solution for you and your needs… because that’s simply what you deserve. Why compromise when you can get seriously excited about your new project, knowing you have everything you want?

“A delight to deal with. Couldn’t have been more helpful.”

CL, Cheshire

Maybe this doesn’t sound like your typical builder… there is a reason behind that!

About Us

The Swift family team

The Swift Organisation was founded by husband and wife team, Martin and Cath Lawson. They have been in business together for over 25 years, so they know exactly how each other thinks, as well as working to each other’s strengths.

They both play active roles in the day-to-day running of the business to ensure that the Swift core values and beliefs are put into practice every step of the way. That means that you receive a personal and friendly service that will change your opinion about builders forever!

The business outgrew its office in 2012 and again in 2016!

We moved to a newly created office suite called Swift House, Unit 54 Adlington Park, Adlington, Cheshire. This has certainly helped The Swift Organisation to grow. More staff personnel have joined the Swift team and each give a beneficial and varied contribution to the services they offer you.

They now have more space to get creative, discuss and plan your buildings so you’re able to view artistic 3D models of your new space, whether it be a garden room, an extension, or a commercial project.

Martin Lawson
I love my job!

It is truly rewarding to have helped make such a difference to so many people’s lives. Through the design and construction of literally hundreds of garden rooms and extensions all over the UK, we have made lots of friends and been a part of many family stories.

When we (my wife and co-director Cath) and I started Swift, I put on the work-boots and learned every element of the construction…hands-on. As the company grew and I became busier with the design, sales and administration of the business, this experience proved priceless in being able to clearly understand every element of the processes.

The creation of new designs is very rewarding to me, as are the tiny modifications that make a massive difference to a particular client’s enjoyment of their new space. Fortunately, I love driving, so the many thousands of miles visiting all parts of the country are usually a pleasure… though the M1 does sometimes test that emotion!

We tend not to have typical days at Swift…. an amazing team of people around me always make the day pass quickly – as do the rabbits, ducks, wild birds and (we think it may be) a stoat, that all live around our wonderfully located office next to a golf course.

At home, there’s nothing better than cooking up a special meal, especially with my two “sous-chefs” – our wonderful young grand-daughters!

Aren’t I lucky?!

Cath Lawson
Hi I’m Cath…

My career path has always been enjoyable and extremely colourful! This is largely due to me remaining true to myself and changing jobs in order to move to another one that inspired and motivated me…A role I knew I would love more and embrace to the max.

Swift was no exception and was in fact the second business I set up, only this time it was with my husband Martin. I transferred my experience from previous industries, where working with the public – both pint-sized and adult – taught me that to be able to put a genuine smile on a client’s face was all that really mattered. From this simple achievement – everything else would prosper, succeed and grow.

Company values are extremely important to me and are in my humble opinion, the foundations on which any successful company is built. Once all staff understand these values and employ them in everything they do, I absolutely know that we have a team of valuable individuals who all have different talents and strengths to offer and are, without doubt, working for the benefit of all.

My behind-the-scenes role supports the Swift Team to all focus upon the satisfaction of their clients, through commitment, flexibility, integrity and resilience. Customer satisfaction is both at the beginning and end of our relationship with our clients.

Outside of Swift I am a very proud Wife, Mother and Grandmother and feel very blessed to also have a varied and valued circle of friends. I love socialising, going to the theatre, as well as partaking in amateur theatre productions and singing in an established community choir. I really am one lucky lady!

Sue Wheelhouse

Hi I’m Sue…

Having spent 20 years of my working life heading a team in Learning and Development in a large Contact Centre, I have developed an excellent understanding of customer service. Building a trusting, honest and friendly relationship with customers was paramount. This experience equipped me with the skills and knowledge that I was able to transfer into my role at Swift.

My journey at Swift started in June 2015 and I continue to enjoy my job with more responsibilities.

My main role at Swift is Procurement Manager, ensuring that all components for procurement are ordered and in place for the build to begin on time and run to schedule. This involves effective communication with the installation teams on site, as well as keeping the clients posted of any developments. My favourite and most valued work tools are the essential telephone, brightly coloured Post-it notes, highlighter pens and not forgetting my cherished, purple calculator!

As a working/single of Mum of 3, work life balance is a high priority and I feel so fortunate to have this balanced perfectly with my job at Swift. Here we have a strong team of people who each have a variety of skills that complement each other. This is what really helps make our business a successful one and fosters great team spirit.

Lisa Scully
Hi I’m Lisa…

I am often referred to as ‘the geek’ here at Swift HQ, but this really couldn’t be further from the truth.

I look after all things digital, so if I’m not developing the website, I’m most likely to be dipping in and out of Swift’s social media accounts, editing photos or blogging. We have a mixed bag of skill sets here in our office and we all complement each other well, making a more efficient, well rounded team. We are all very adaptable – meaning we all wear many hats in one day, so I am lucky enough to also have the opportunity to talk to our lovely clients too.

Outside of work I spend most of my time chasing my adorable ‘threenager’ (who has the speed and agility of a cheetah!). When I do scramble together some time for myself, I’ll probably be gardening, at the gym, taking photos, or just enjoying a bit of tv…see not geeky in the slightest!

The best part about working for Swift is most definitely being part of the extended Swift family – a family that reaches out to its clients in the same way…Being part of a company that cares.

Matthew Leighton
Hi I’m Matt…

I am the Construction Manager here and so grateful to be a part of team Swift. My role is to oversee and direct your project from conception to completion – ensuring we complete your build safely, on time and to budget. I look after our installation teams all over the UK and collectively ensure they are fully equipped to deliver your project to the highest standard.

Previously serving in HM Armed Forces with two operational tours of Afghanistan under my belt, as well as countless exercises all over the world, I am very accustomed to travel and working closely as a team – something which is very relatable to working at Swift.

The SWIFT company ethos and team spirit are something I haven’t experienced in the workplace before and it really is admirable – as long as you don’t forget it’s your turn to brew up of course!

I take great pride in my work, but away from it I am very fortunate to have a beautiful wife and two young children who keep me on my toes!

Let’s build something together!

Click the button below, or simply give us a call on 01625 875588, to learn more about Swift Garden Rooms. We look forward to hearing from you!