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Swift Annexe FAQ

These are the questions we get asked most often by our existing and prospective clients. If your query isn’t here, please get in touch, we’d be delighted to help!

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Do I need planning permission for my annexe?

If a building is used for permanent habitation with all the main services, a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, then planning permission is required.  We will undertake this on your behalf. We are proud to say that since Swift has been successful in all of our planning applications to date, including some very complicated and intense cases.

What prices can I expect to pay?

Cost depends on a combination of factors, the size of your annexe and what you choose to include. Our annexe buildings range from around £70,000 to over £100,000 and are priced individually.  We are dedicated to working within your budget and providing you with the best quality home for your investment. Take a look at our example prices HERE.

What is included in the price?

Everything that you ask for! There are no hidden costs. We listen to what you want, discuss the options and provide you with a fully detailed and inclusive quotation. We clearly state your investment, including VAT, and if there are any likely additional costs then you are made fully aware of them… or you don’t pay for them!

What will my payment schedule be?

We ask for a planning application fee (£1,600) along with a refundable deposit which is 5% of your total contract amount.  In the unlikely event that your application is refused, this 5% will be refunded to you in full.  Once planning is granted we shall invoice you for a further deposit payment of 20% to secure your installation date.

You will then be invoiced for 50% of your contract price to be paid on the first day of the build, when the materials and installers arrive on site. The remaining 25% is due when our work is complete and we hand over the keys to your new home.

What warranty do I have with my Swift Annexe?

All our domestic buildings have an industry-leading, 10-year insurance-backed structural warranty. This also provides protection for your deposit payment.

Your peace of mind is very important to us.  We want you to be happy with your building and the Swift service you’ve been given.  If you have any concerns then please just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help and address them.

Do you have a showroom?

Our showrooms are provided by our previous clients’ real-life buildings.  We do not have a showroom at our administration offices – it could not serve the wide geographical area that that we serve and the diversity of designs.  However, once we have met you and understand your aspirations and expectations, then we can try to match the kind of project that you are seeking to an existing clients’ building and request a viewing.

Can you design my living annexe as a custom shape?

Yes! Unlike many ‘pre-designed’ models your Swift annexe will be bespoke – built for you, with your specific needs in mind.  Our designers will listen carefully and try to maximise on the available space.

Are Swift annexes as permanent as traditional brick/block structures?

Very much so. Although excitingly different to many people in the UK, the principals and technology of SIP buildings are very well established. The SIP technology is a leap forward from timber frame construction. The panels are stronger, better insulated and are completely pre-prepared off-site. BBA approval ensures that stringent regulations for safety, durability and strength are maintained. Our TECHNICAL page will provide you with lots of helpful further unformation.

Do You Build Nationwide?

Yes – we have multiple installation teams ready to create your life-changing annexe. We build throughout the mainland UK.

What are the cladding options for my annexe?

Your annexe can clad in a range of finishes to suit your preferences, the design of the building and the setting. Western red cedar is a great choice, providing a beautiful smooth finish that, left untreated will turn to a silver-grey colour over the years, and will require virtually no maintenance. This wood can last up to 50 years and even then can be replaced in a straightforward process without damaging the structure of your garden room. Other choices can be alternative timbers, composite, render, raised seam steel sheet and stone or slate cladding.

How big/small will my annexe be?

It’s your choice! We only offer bespoke designs, so your annexe can be studio style or have one or two bedrooms, and a layout that works for you. It must not be more than 50% of the total garden. Our experts will advise and guide you every step of the way.

Will my annexe be ready for me to move in once it's completed?

Yes! Your contract price will include full installation, all electrics and flooring. Decoration is included in your project, and this includes the application of a mist coat (to seal new plaster) and two coats of white emulsion. These will be non-vinyl, matt emulsion which does allow the plaster to continue to breath and dry out over time. We recommend that final redecoration is left for a further 6 months to allow for any minor shrinkage lines and thorough airing of the building.  Included as standard is a choice from a range of Quickstep laminate floorings.  Your choices can be made once the order is confirmed.  If you prefer an alternative flooring then we can offer ranges of engineered wood floors, click together vinyl flooring, carpet tiles and rubberised flooring. The prices will be clearly given with the assorted options.

Once completed, your beautiful new home will be ready all for your furnishings.

Will my new Swift annexe have to pass any building regulations?

We put all our annexes through Building regulations for our customers peace of mind.  We ensure that all standards are met and certification is obtained. All electrical installations are carried out by qualified personnel and our clients receive a Part P certificate. All buildings with 15 square metres floor area that are within 1 metre of the boundary of your garden require fire spread protection measures. This is included in your specification.

What if you are building on a site with limited access?

Swift’s buildings are of prefabricated construction and are flat packed in modular panels. In most situations, these are carried through limited access routes. Our site survey clarifies how we overcome any individual challenges regarding access. We even carry out full installations when the only form of access is through your home and this includes protection measures for your home to avoid any damage to flooring, door frames etc.

Who will construct my new home?

Our fully trained, professional and customer-focused team carry out the complete build with the minimum of disruption and with due care and attention. When the building is completed, your new room is cleaned, the area tidied and you take possession of the keys and your new Swift home.

Can I arrange a site survey?

Yes – we carry out free site surveys. This is when we can take the measurements, photos and details that we need that relate to the design and installation of your new annexe. We also listen! We want to find out everything that is important to you about your new home, then we can create a building that will function beautifully and provide true satisfaction and the optimal return on your investment – emotional and financial.

How long does the process take?

Planning permission can take a minimum of 8 weeks.  Once permission is granted, lead times for our buildings are usually 8-12 weeks, though this is constantly changing because of new orders and changing supply conditions. The average build time for a Swift annexe is 4-6 weeks. The entire process is explained HERE.

Are your annexes well insulated for year-round use?

Yes – our buildings benefit from our SIP method of construction.

SIP panels, when cut to size, properly jointed and expertly installed, create one of the most highly efficient and robust structures presently available.  They exceed all current building regulations for heat insulation and air-tightness and your building can be enjoyed and used whatever the weather

Will my quote include VAT?

Yes – our quote will include VAT.

How can I get electricity/ water supply in my new annexe?

Your new garden room’s power supply is usually brought in from the main consumer unit in your existing house. Sometimes this supply may need modification to ensure conformity to strict building regulations and our qualified electrician will ensure that you are left with a safe, effective and certified system.

The garden room itself has its own small consumer unit which splits the power supply to the main demand circuits.

Water and drainage can also be linked to the main services at your home.  We will make this process as simple and effective as possible and can cope with all manner of obstacles. Pumped waste systems are commonly used and enable your annexe to have fully functioning toilets, showers and kitchens.

What type of foundations/footings will my annexe need and are they included in the price?

Swift will recommend the optimum kind of foundation system to match your requirements. We also consider the ground conditions on site and the surroundings (such as trees and other buildings).  The most commonly used systems include Jackpad footings (Lantac approved), concrete pads, helical screw piles & concrete slabs. Read more about our footings here.

What kind of return can I expect on my investment?

The current housing market has made home improvements the preferred route for many owners. Because we only build to high standards and guarantee our products, you can rest assured that all of our projects are viewed very favourably by future purchasers.

How long have Swift been trading?

Swift were formed over 14 years ago by husband and wife team, Martin and Cath Lawson. It has grown steadily and significantly over the years, always keeping its focus on providing a friendly, effective service that is frequently reflected in the testimonials and feedback that we receive. Over these years Swift has resolutely stuck to its principle of using the high-quality materials and skilled professionals that produce beautiful, permanent, Life-changing Spaces.

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The beauty of buying a Swift bespoke annexe is that you are in charge of creating your own project. We empower you to make the right design decisions for you, then in turn, all we ask is for you to trust us to deliver it. Our full turnkey promise takes care of everything from start to finish, handing you the keys at the end so your Swift Living Annex can be enjoyed and savoured for many years to come.