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Garden Room Uses

Versatility is the hidden beauty in all our rooms.

For most people, space at home is limited. We all seem to crave that extra room. A rooms use will vary from individual to individual depending on your hobbies, work requirements or family needs.

The costs and disruption involved in moving to a new house to gain that additional space can be avoided. Unlike a traditional style extension, a garden room (either attached to the house or at the bottom of the garden) can be built in as little as 2 weeks.

Below we’ve outlined a few specific garden room uses, but in reality the list is endless

All our garden rooms, whatever the use, are built from SIP panels. The panels are constructed off-site so build time and disruption are kept to a minimum.

Other Garden Room uses you may consider

Reading Room

Snooker Room

School Room

Meeting Room

Games Room


Sewing Room