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Your Garden Office

A garden office is an increasingly popular choice for clients. More and more of us work from home, or need a study to work on personal business.

Here at Swift we combine our design expertise with the highest quality products to create your ideal work environment – a great example of a life-changing space.

“It is 5 degrees C outside and raining – I am writing this in my new office in a T-shirt, warm and secure.”

NPH, Cheshire

A detached garden office is the ideal solution to working from home. You can create a dedicated workspace that provides both separation from home life and a productive environment.
Benefits of a Garden Office
  • Better work/life balance – Having a separate building where you can close the door to work on, literally, will help achieve an improved balance between work and home life. Converting a room into a home office within the main house can be less than ideal. Maintaining clear boundaries is an important factor in achieving balance.
  • Eliminating the commute – An easy stroll along the garden path compared to the increase in stress and your time lost to commuting is a massive improvement. Less time travelling means more time to spend enjoying life. Let’s not forget the reduction in your carbon footprint.
  • Positive Environment – Your own private workspace, what could be better? No distracting noises (except for the birds tweeting in the garden), your room painted your favourite colour… A calm tranquil corner of your garden will help to create mindfulness and wellbeing within your workspace too.
  • Business Success – Many of our previous clients proudly report that by having a dedicated garden office, it enables them to work harder and smarter which is great for their business and career. When running their own business, they can also reap financial advantages over external office rental. Always discuss the potential benefits with your accountant for their accurate and hopefully, pleasing advice.
All our garden offices are built using superior quality SIP panels. What this means is that your new building will be very well insulated for year-round use.

Speed – Most of our garden buildings are built under permitted development rights, meaning no need to wait (or pay) for planning permission. Typically, your garden office will be completed in under 2 weeks.

We build nationwide. We are based in Cheshire, and we have multiple installation teams ready to create your new room in London, the Home Counties, Birmingham, Leeds – wherever you are in the UK.

“The end result is a building that is highly attractive externally and internally.

I am so looking forward to working comfortably in the Office in all seasons of the year.”

DW, Altrincham

Your building your way – The beauty of a Swift garden office is that it will be designed and built for you with your needs in mind. You may choose to add a bathroom to add flexibility, creating a more self-contained space that could change as you and your family’s requirements may change. What is built initially as a garden office, may become a teenager room or a place for the occasional overnight guest to stay.


Why Choose Swift?

What Features Do You Need From Your Garden Office?

Now is the opportunity to make the place that you may spend a considerable amount of your time, the style of office that you’ve always dreamed of.

Here are some popular choices of features for your new garden office:

  • Privacy and security
  • Impressive surroundings for meetings
  • Internet/TV/telephone/intercom facilities
  • Somewhere to brew a cup of tea and keep some cold drinks
  • Storage/filing space
  • Desk areas and sitting areas
  • Controlled temperature and humidity levels
  • A building that will be an asset to the house – whatever its purpose and in the event of you moving
  • A cost-effective and tax-efficient investment
  • Built-in home-office furnishings and fixtures

Are you ready to have an informal chat about your needs and hopes?

Our Swift team are looking forward to hearing from you and are ready to listen to your ideas.