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Special thanks to Alex from Broadband Genie who has shared his industry expertise and written a useful guide below, explaining how to ensure a decent internet connection to your new garden building.

Connecting Your Garden Office To Broadband


As more of us work from our homes, it is becoming vitally important to find sacred spaces. It can often feel strange and distracting to engage in professional duties within the same environment we inhabit daily.  A dedicated workspace, separate from the main house, can be the perfect solution.

You will inevitably need to work online and getting broadband to your new garden office will be paramount, so what are your options for ensuring good online connectivity?


Hardwiring your garden office

A wired connection always offers the best option for speed and reliability.

Whilst electrical cables are to be laid for your garden office, it’s the ideal time to run ethernet wires from your home’s existing broadband network at the same time. Hard-wired connectivity then allows you to add a Wi-Fi access point for strong, quick wireless connectivity with all office devices.

Multipurpose garden room interior

Using your home Wi-Fi in your garden office

Connecting wirelessly via Wi-Fi is principally about distance. If your garden office is close enough, you might be within the signal range already.

This could be done using only the main home Wi-Fi router, depending on where you have it situated inside your home. Typical Wi-Fi routers have a range of 46 meters indoors and double this distance outdoors, so it can stretch a wide area.

You can relocate the home’s router to the last, closest room to the garden office if it doesn’t interfere with anything in your home. If you have good signal strength but slow speed, try switching network channels within the router’s admin settings to avoid neighbouring Wi-Fi interference.

Extending signal range

A weak signal can be fixed with Wi-Fi extenders, boosters, or repeaters.

Working only off mains power, these additional devices basically catch the wireless signal from your nearby router and rebroadcast it to widen the range.


Bespoke garden office exterior

Wi-Fi boosters are generally used to spread signals across larger houses and properties, so ideal for close garden coverage. Indeed, if you have a weak signal within the office then a booster unit (either installed in the office or somewhere in your home) could be all you need. External outdoor boosters are also available and have directional antennas. More expensive to buy and possibly requiring more work to set up and install, they could offer a solution if other Wi-Fi boosters aren’t enough.


Powerline Adapter Kits

Alternatively, you could also use the garden office’s mains power access for data.

If the home and office electrics are on the same circuit you can use network power line adapters. These devices send and receive network data down the electrical wiring at any two outlets, potentially providing better connectivity than wireless with far less hassle.

But be aware that these kits may not always work, and there can be issues with speed and reliability. Purchase from a retailer with a good returns policy so you can test compatibility and reliability across your mains electric wiring.

For any of these options using your existing connection, take a moment to think if it can handle you working from home. If there are multiple users on the connection or if your work requires you to regularly download or upload large files, you’ll need fibre.

For more information about fibre broadband read Broadband Genie’s guide.




Your Swift designer will be happy to discuss all the options that are currently available and reach the best conclusion to suit your needs.

Our dedicated staff will always do their very best to help you create a building that meets all your needs.  Your building, your way!



“We are thrilled with our garden office/family space. It has truly enhanced how we all live and work in our home. We’re also enjoying the garden more than ever now.. money well spent.

The quality of the product is excellent and has lived up to all expectations. The team – from start through to build through to after-sales has been second to none. Thank you and would highly recommend.”  KM – Cheshire

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