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Case Study

Multi-purpose luxury!

In the design stage of the process, Swift will take time and care to encourage clients to examine all the potential benefits that their new garden room will provide, plus the different roles that the new space could fulfil.

In many cases this reveals the desire for flexibility and sometimes, like this project, the requirement for different zones is very clear.

Our discerning clients were looking for space where a well equipped gym will give them “on the doorstep” facilities that match their family lifestyle, plus a treatment room for a nail and beauty practice. In addition, the room must look beautiful and sit well in the generous gardens that surround the house.

Luxury garden gym in grassy setting
We think that you will agree; this is a 8.4m x 8m strikingly well finished and designed building. The window layout provides plenty of light inside in a stylish and contemporary layout.

Additional opening windows at the rear add to the light and provide ventilation. Beautiful German-sourced bi-fold doors give perfect connection between the spacious interior and the extensive decking.

The decking is more complicated than it looks; blending seamlessly into the contours of the lawn and solidly mounted on concrete supports. Because of the possibility of urban foxes seeing this as a great place to live beneath, Swift installed a barrier system all around the studio perimeter.

A remote control lighting system allows the interior and external lights to be switched on from the house before making the 20 step trip to the gym or treatment room. Two wall mounted TV’s with concealed connections look stylish and sleek.

This particular building has an internal wall with connecting door to provide complete separation between the two rooms. Other methods can be employed to provide the different usage zones.

Maybe an L-shaped building could naturally provide the two areas, and some clients benefit from moveable screens.

Cost: £118,930 including VAT – *Estimated current Cost – subject to change

Garden Gym with Office
Whatever the best solution, Swift’s “listening” approach does produce designs that really match the short and long term wishes of their clients. Buildings that can fulfil immediate demands and, when required, have the ability to change their use in the future can ensure the long-term secure value of your investment.
Luxury garden gym floorplan

Let’s Build Something

We only use the very best materials and installers to ensure that your garden room is a solid, efficient and durable feature. You will also receive a 10-year insurance backed structural warranty as part of our service.