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We all know that exercise is good for you, but with our hectic lifestyles, we can struggle to find the time to get to the gym.  With our ever-growing to-do lists, a Work-Out often gets pushed to a low priority position.  It is during uncertain times, like the current Coronavirus situation we are all facing, that our worlds are forced to shift from what has become our ‘normal’.  We have time to reflect; time to re assess our lives a little.  It is during such contemplative periods that our priorities can start to change. 

Garden gyms already make up a significant number of Swift’s builds each year.  Gyms in a variety of shapes and sizes, created to suit a range of budgets.   

If having your own private space in which to work out sounds interesting to you, then please read on. 

We’ve put together a list of why using a garden room as your home workout space is a really good idea.

1. Lockdown Exercise Space | Covid-19 


Lockdown…how can this word not be included in our list at the moment?  During this current worldwide crisis all public gyms have closed, leaving households to get their daily exercise on just one walk, run or bike ride close to home.  Like many of our garden office clients, we are seeing a surge of families contacting Swift, grateful for us helping them to choose and build their garden gyms. They have an escape, somewhere to help keep spirits high as well as to workout. 

2. Work From Home space | Versatility.  


We say it over and over again, the beauty of our garden rooms lie in their versatility. Many of our clients design their gym spaces to incorporate a combined office/WFH area. 

Our fully insulated rooms are bespoke and very adaptable.  With good planning and design your garden room will be future-proofed to be an additional space to your family home that can provide a completely different usage as and when required.  

“Pleasure to buy from and work with, lovely guys and an amazing build which has changed our lives! Every need catered for and never felt rushed or pressured to decide on aspects of the build. Martin had some great ideas which showed his experience in this field.”

MK, Soulbury

3. Privacy 

Let’s face it, unless you are fully buff and have a solid six pack to flaunt, many people would rather be wearing their lycra in private than in public!  Working out is sometimes not the most comfortable group activity for us.  With your own private gym you not only get your privacy, but you also benefit from not having to share germs, sweat and equipment with everyone else. 


4. Choose the Work-Out that suits you. 


Your room is bespoke and can be fitted with equipment of your choosing.   

A garden gym for one client may be an uncomplicated room; a private space with free weights and a gym mat. For the next client their gym may incorporate a home office, shower room/WC.  

We may need to help you gain planning permission for a taller building (some exercise machines such as cross trainers demand extra height, meaning you may no longer be able to build your gym under permitted development rights). Some clients choose air conditioning, strengthened floors and wall mounting pointsOur team will help you create your building, your way. 


5. No membership fees – an investment that keeps on giving 


We appreciate that a top quality garden gym is a significant investment.  Any Swift garden room is ultimately an extension of your home. You are adding versatile space, which will, in turn add value to your home.  Factor in the money saved on membership fees and you can really start to see why this can be an enticing investment. 


6. No travel/time constraints 


 A gym at the end of your garden path reduces the time and money you spend getting to the gym, producing a valuable reduction of your carbon footprint. You also have the benefit of being able to exercise exactly when it suits you. No more time constraints.  If you wake up at 4am and feel like a work out, you can!  All in all; a win-win. 

7. No more excuses 


Last, but not least…no more excuses! 

The convenience and flexibility of having your additional insulated room in your garden, helps you say goodbye to the excuses and hello to a new you!  What are you waiting for…?



Our design and support team are all currently working safely from home and will be happy to help you start the process of creating your perfect new gym – Your Life-Changing Space! 


Please e-mail us at support@swiftorg.co.ukcomplete our online planner, or fill out our next step form.