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Most of our clients have their own ideas of what they want in a bespoke garden room build and not to get a one size fits all ‘pod’ – that actually may not fit all or even half of what you had hoped it would. What you will get is a versatile, adaptable, permanent and appealing space that can be used year round. There are lots of options to be considered when designing your garden gym, some of which are explained in our short video HERE. Often a client is looking for a private space that can evolve with them on their personal fitness/ weight loss journey. A practical workout space that is far removed from the testosterone buzzing, hustle and bustle that is associated with some commercial gyms.

Steve and Michelle Katasi first approached Swift in 2014 with their ideas for a garden gym already knowing exactly what they were looking for… a bespoke 8m x 8m airy home gym with the ability to relocate the busy home office into an integrated garden office, free from distractions. With Martin’s help, this is exactly what Swift managed to achieve.


Key features of their Soulbury garden gym:

  • Large, single span building is over 8m x 8m with excellent headroom
  • Carefully positioned windows of unusual configurations create a fantastic appearance as well as splendid views from within
  • Optional twin air-conditioning units for each zone including ceiling cassette system for maximum efficiency in the gym
  • Crisp and attractive detailing to the cedar cladding and deep recesses
  • Special finish electrical sockets, switches and internet connections in black nickel
  • 3m x 1.5m Integrated office

Fast forward four years and the Katasi’s Soulbury garden gym/office has certainly evolved. Steve has left his lucrative ‘day job’ in IT corporate sales, ditched his commute and now runs the very inspiring ‘AdapNation’ from the bottom of their garden. He describes his business as a “practical self-optimisation content hub, placing rich, highly practical media in your hands, and across the most popular social media platforms”.

AdapNation can be found on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM packed with informative workouts, vlogs and recipes.

The integrated office has now been transformed into a multi functioning YouTube studio and recording space for Steve’s podcasts…

During a recent chat with Steve, we asked how his garden building had evolved for him and his family over the last 4 years… this is his answer:

“Before we built the gym I didn’t have any major interest in the gym scene, except for the usual visit once or twice a week. Now it’s my everything…..the investment I made four years ago makes so much sense”

Here are a few other questions we asked Steve:


  1. What’s in a name?
  2. What motivated you to make the move from the corporate world to AdaptNation?
  3. How has the garden gym/space evolved for you over the past 4 years?
  4. Your images on Instagram and Facebook portray your gym as a hub for family time also… would you say this is true?
  5. There are some fab looking recipes that keep popping up on your social media site… what’s your favourite?


Here is a snippet of his eloquent and honest answers.

1 – AdapNation…What’s in a name?

In muscle building vernacular, and generally to describe change in the body, the word adaptation is a foundational concept. You lift more weight or push to uncharted levels of exercise, and your body adapts to handle future bouts of similar intensity. Likewise, you care and feed the body with nutritious food and ideas, and you experience positive healthy adaptation. So, the word Adaptation signifies change and growth to me – on many levels. For that reason, I was drawn to this word and was keen to find a way to include it the company name. For me, Nation represents community. It signifies a movement of a lot of people. It suggests the mission is to create change amongst a large group of people who wish to be united with a common goal for being their best version of themselves. I wanted to have the company be involved in a movement to #BeYourBest, and for this to be seen as something with scale and reach. The marriage of these two words worked perfectly to create the company name AdapNation. A company focussed on self-optimisation, and helping you #BeYourBest through increased strength, health and mindset. Inside, and Out.

To read all of Steve’s answers CLICK HERE There is most definitely an “awaking” occurring to the health problems we are facing as a nation. Swift’s garden gym installation has helped Steve beat his daily commute, creating a better work/life balance, whilst he is busy transforming himself as well as adapting a nation. Good luck Steve! We are as proud to have played a part in your story as you are of your gym!

“An amazing building built by a trustworthy and highly capable team. Creativity, flexibility and actually listening among the skills I truly admire in Martin and the team he has built.”

SK, Adapnation | Soulbury